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Tailored support programmes for ambitious startups

Explore and apply for the tailor-made support programmes offered by WorldStartup

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Exploration phase startups


A support programme for early-stage startup teams consisting of tailored workshops, mentor guidance, events, business & design resources, and so much more.

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Validation phase startups


Altitude is WorldStartup's 3-year support programme, aimed at accelerating purpose-driven entrepreneurship worldwide.

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Next Valley

Next Valley is a 12-month coaching programme by our partner Frank & the Backs, created for ambitious founders looking for guidance without the typical pressure of an all-in startup programme.

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This project is for everybody, not just for us.

Upon arriving in the Netherlands, Zina's passion for gastronomy led her to start her own catering business. Fast forward to 2021, joined by co-founder Rami Masri, they launched a new venture called 'Leaves by Roots'. Driven by their vision of introducing Syrian cuisine in an international setting, the team of now 12 members is ready to bring the authentic taste of the Mediterranean to the Dutch table. Zina's journey exemplifies entrepreneurship fueled by passion, inclusivity, and a commitment to making a positive impact.

Startup opportunities

Be the change you want to see in the world

WorldStartup offers a variety of support and innovation programmes for ambitious impact-driven changemakers. Check out our upcoming activities here.

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We've created a platform to empower and connect changemakers with the resources, tools, and community needed to drive meaningful social impact.


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