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Exploration phase startups


To the most promising purpose-driven startups in their exploration phase, we offer a complete support program, 12 months, from problem validation to MVP.

Daniël Steginga

Managing Director of WorldStartup

People who want to create real impact with scalable innovative ventures from the ground up.

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for ambitious purpose-driven leaders. For people who want to create real impact with scalable innovative ventures. We offer a complete support programme, 12 months, from problem validation to MVP.

Are you running one of these outstanding startups, ventures that could turn into the next uHoo, Hugreen, Terraz Food or UniBrick and many others? Keep reading.

Basecamp is one of the cornerstone programmes of WorldStartup for entrepreneurs in the exploration phase. This deck will highlight the most important elements of our support and explain how you can join.

We look for…

  • Purpose-driven ventures determined to make an impact.
  • You have analysed a problem and have a concept to solve it.
  • You are setting up your team.
  • Your solution has the potential to scale.
  • You have started with your prototype.
  • You see a business opportunity.

Basecamp is the start of a journey.

Basecamp is a 12-month programme for ventures in the exploration phase. After this programme, we jointly decide to continue with the Altitude programme, which is followed by the Frank & the Backs growth support.

Supported Startups

Basecamp basics

Problem Definition & Validation

Analyze the challenge you want to solve and validate it.

Potential validation

Research the impact your solution will have.

Solution prototype

Understand your customer and create a minimum viable product.


Join Sander, founder of De Krekerij

Sander learned step by step what it takes to set up his cricket protein startup. One of the key lessons is to focus on sales and rigorous testing of the product. He is now near the end of his validation phase and getting ready for the next major step with his venture. They received two investments from one of the lead investors in our community.

Want to know more?

You can find all the information about the programme and how you can apply in the brochure below.

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A support programme for ventures in the validation phase to accelerate purpose-driven entrepreneurship worldwide.

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Frank & the Backs

Frank & the Backs supports startups in the growth phase with seasoned entrepreneurs and C-level executives.


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