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Exploration phase startups


Basecamp is WorldStartup's incubator programme for early-stage startups. It focuses on giving startups all the core knowledge needed to build their first MVP.

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Svitlana Khrystenko

Innovation Programme Manager & Service Designer

Young and purpose-driven startups who strive to change the world for better.

Join Basecamp to seize this opportunity to realise your startup dreams today!

Basecamp is more than just another incubator or accelerator. It's a one-of-a-kind platform designed to propel your startup to unimaginable heights. With our extensive network of mentors, investors, strategic partners, and years of gathered knowledge, you'll gain invaluable insights and resources to refine your product, scale your business, and secure funding.

Our incubator programme has been specifically designed to help innovators like you overcome hurdles and bring your ideas to life. And now, we're excited to announce the launch of our new compact 12-week format, available at an incredibly affordable price of just €500 per month. The first batch of startups already started the programme in April 2023, after the end of 12-week programme, we will announce the new opening for the next improved edition. So stay tuned for the latest updates via our social media or newsletter.

Who is this programme for?

The Basecamp Programme is designed for early-stage startups that are passionate about driving positive change in the world. Our ideal customer is an ambitious entrepreneur with a compelling idea, but who may be facing challenges such as financial constraints, lack of industry knowledge, or other obstacles. They are eager to connect with like-minded individuals, access valuable resources, and receive mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals. Whether they are located in The Netherlands, Europe, or elsewhere in the world, our potential participants are committed to pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams and making a meaningful impact on society and we are here to support them.

We are looking for…

  • A startup that solves a significant problem for society and has the potential for market growth
  • A team that is able to define the problem
  • A solid team of at least 2 founders with a mix of skills and experiences
  • A team is receptive to feedback and willing to learn from others
  • A startup is comfortable with online collaboration and communication
  • Technical Readiness: TRL Level 2-4
  • A team has a basic understanding of the funding landscape for the startup
  • Startups from any background, location can apply

Basecamp is the start of a journey

Upon completion of the incubator programme, WorldStartup offers an all-inclusive support programme called Altitude, which is designed to help startups continue to grow and succeed for up to three years. Through Altitude, startups will receive ongoing support and mentorship as they validate their business model, gain their first customers, and scale their operations. With WorldStartup's guidance and expertise, impactful startups can achieve their full potential and make a meaningful impact on society.

How to apply?

We are currently testing Basecamp with a curated group of exceptional startups. We are thrilled to announce that we'll be launching subsequent editions of Basecamp after the first batch will graduate. Don't worry if you missed out on this opportunity, as you can sign up to stay informed about when we open registration for our upcoming programmes.

Supported Startups

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Basecamp basics

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Problem Definition & Validation

Analyse the challenge you want to solve and validate it.

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Product Opportunity Gap

Identify the market needs and provide them with a product that meets the need.

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Solution prototype

Understand your customer and create a minimum viable product.

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Basecamp Pilot in 12 weeks

Are you interested in joining the next batch of Basecamp startups?

We kicked off the first pilot on 25 April, 2023 with a group of amazing startups. Did you miss the opportunity to be among them? Don't worry, we will be launching next editions of Basecamp soon. You can sign up to be updated on when we open the registration for the next batch.

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Do you want to know more?

You can find all the information about the programme and how you can apply in the brochure below.

Other programmes

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Validation phase startups


Altitude is WorldStartup's 3-year support programme, aimed at accelerating purpose-driven entrepreneurship worldwide.

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Growth phase startups

Frank & the Backs

Frank & the Backs supports startups in the growth phase with seasoned entrepreneurs and C-level executives.

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All startups

Next Valley

NextValley is WorldStartup's 12-month coaching programme, created for ambitious founders looking for guidance without the typical pressure of an all-in startup programme. It’s suitable for founders at any phase of their startup journey.


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