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Validation phase startups


A support program to accelerate purpose-driven entrepreneurship worldwide.

Marjan de Jong

Managing Director of WorldStartup

An all-inclusive support programme of up to 3 years from ready to market to sustainable growth.

Our main drive is to accelerate the growth of ventures that focus on future solutions with a positive impact. We believe an inclusive and regenerative global economy is the way forward for a sustainable future. WorldStartup invites teams to step forward and join our ecosystem to increase the chance of running a successful business with a real impact on a better world.

To impact startups in the validation phase, we offer a complete support program, up to 3 years long, from ready to market till sustainable growth.

Support package

  • one-on-one support by mentors, experts and the WorldStartup support team
  • Market Readiness Training, Investor Readiness Training and full access to our online academy
  • Pee-to-peer learning & support within our strong founders' community
  • front row access to business opportunities & capital
  • support with legal practicalities, e.g. startup visa and incorporation
"Though there are many accelerators like YCombinator, Techstars and Seedstars but none of them could compete with WorldStartup in terms of hands on training. Other accelerators only focus on making equity investments, but WorldStartup invests in social impact of their startups by making them market ready. I will highly recommend Market Readiness Training to all startup founders as it will be once in life experience for them, and I can bet for it." - Adeel Javaid from Townchat


  • you are a purpose-driven startup determined to make an impact
  • have achieved product-solution fit and are now entering the market
  • are a great team (ideally 2+ members)
  • have a scalable innovative solution
  • annual revenue range: €10K-€250K

Support ventures:

On our webpage with portfolio ventures, you can see examples of teams that we have supported with this or very similar programmes.

Your commitment:

2% shares into the Cooperative Validation Fund that is owned by you and your peer founders

2% shares to WorldStartup for support

Supported Startups

Why join altitude?

Tailor-made support

We'll match you with an experienced mentor, who will guide you in your entrepreneurial journey.

Training programmes

Get prepared for your entry into the market and for meeting with your new investor, by taking part in our intense training programmes.

Peer-to-peer learning

Get to know your peers from all across the world.


Ivana Dvořáková, founder of Terraz Food

Ivana joined WorldStartup during the pandemic and completed the Market Readiness training, which proved to be exactly what she needed. She successfully established Terraz Food in the Dutch market, and since then, the company also added a variety of vegan pasta alternatives.

Want to know more?

You can find all the information about the programme and how you can apply in the brochure below.

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Frank & the Backs

Frank & the Backs supports startups in the growth phase with seasoned entrepreneurs and C-level executives.


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