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Growth phase startups

Frank & the Backs

Frank & the Backs supports startups in the growth phase with seasoned entrepreneurs and C-level executives.

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Egbert Ottevanger

Director Frank & the Backs

We offer tailored support with an entrepreneurial model starting with a plan.

Frank & the Backs supports businesses with an extensive team of seasoned coaches who are all entrepreneurs and previous senior C-level executives. We call those coaches “Backs”, who have specific knowledge of your segments and relevant general management experience to support you.

What we do:

Our work with you starts with a discovery stage. During this stage, we determine your general support needs and match you with a Back. We analyse your company for max. two months. This will be done by a relevant Back. A typical Back is a seasoned entrepreneur or C-level executive with the ambition to help purpose-driven ventures with his experience.

After this discovery stage, you and the Back take 4 weeks to make a growth plan with clear KPIs with a scope for 12-18 months. KPIs will be agreed on and set in an agreement.

Then it’s simply signing contracts and starting to implement with evaluation meetings and progress reporting along the way.

We stand shoulder to shoulder in support of your management team. We listen and give advice as part of your team and not as an external consultant.

  • we aim for growth
  • we are committed to your purpose
  • we guide you and help you with obstacles on the way
  • we help you to develop your business ideas with solicited and unsolicited advice.

Supported Startups

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How do we work?

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Discovery stage

A selected Back will analyse your business for a maximum of 2 months. This first phase is in principle free of charge.

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Growth plan

Now we understand what your needs are, an agreement on growth-based KPIs will be set, as well as a modest monthly fee and a success fee based on these KPIs at the end of the contract period

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The Back starts to work for you, for the contract period of 6-24 months, and you now can benefit from her or him in your team with all the knowledge needed to make your company achieve sustainable growth.

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Frank's legal counsel

We, as entrepreneurs, totally understand the enthusiasm of managing your startup or scaleup. As you’re having fun doing so, it’s easy to forget, delay or ignore other important matters like legal issues and opportunities. In the back of your head, you know it’s important, but you just haven’t got to it yet. Frank’s Legal Counsel offers a highly experienced, dedicated legal counsel, at a fair rate to reduce your legal liabilities. Some of the things we can help you with:

  • Advise on the correct legal and fiscal structure of your company
  • Drafting solid commercial contracts
  • Developing secure risk and compliance strategies
  • Protecting your intellectual property
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Want to know more?

You can find all the information about the programme and how you can apply on the website.

Other programmes

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Exploration phase startups


A support programme for early-stage startup teams consisting of tailored workshops, mentor guidance, events, business & design resources, and so much more.

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Validation phase startups


Altitude is WorldStartup's 3-year support programme, aimed at accelerating purpose-driven entrepreneurship worldwide.

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All startups

Next Valley

NextValley is WorldStartup's 12-month coaching programme, created for ambitious founders looking for guidance without the typical pressure of an all-in startup programme.


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