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July 15, 2022

GovTech NL Holds First Roundtables Event in July




Svitlana Khrystenko

Innovation Project Manager and Service Designer


The GovTech NL Innovation Hub promotes innovative collaborations between the private sector, citizens, and government. We gather a community of like-minded people to discuss their innovation experiences and ambitions in the public sector. We initiate innovation, support projects and people, learn from the practices, and celebrate success. GovTech NL is founded by The Hague Tech, WorldStartup, YES!Delft, DigiCampus, PLNT and Danny Frietman + Rogier Klimbie. The group is full of expertise in public innovation, tech, impact & entrepreneurship. Our work is built on the foundation of the former GovTech NL community, which is now part of our initiative.

Meetup July

In July GovTech NL organised it’s first in-person meetup after long time meeting online due to COVID-19. GovTech community, visitors of The Hague Tech and everyone else who is interested in this topic were welcomed to join one of the roundtables at The Hague Tech. After an introduction of the GovTech by Rosa van Ewijk, a community manager of the GovTech NL Innovation Hub and inspirational words by Ron Roozendaal, deputy general Digitisation and director Information Society at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, people split into 5 roundtables to start a discussion about the future of the GovTech in The Netherlands and beyond.

Round tables

Roundtables were created to address the most important topics in modern society. Each roundtable was moderated by one of the representatives from the GovTech community.

Accessibility & Inclusion

This roundtable is ideal for accessibility advocates from enterprise, government, healthcare, and non-profit organizations to learn more and discuss the role of disruptive technologies, such as Envision, in accelerating accessibility and inclusion for those with visual impairments at home and at work. The host of the table will be Karthik Mahadevan, the CEO of Envision.

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Smart Sustainable Public Space

In this round table, the Province of South Holland, as one of the partners of the GovTech hub, would like to invite you to discuss how we can involve the startup community even better in the Smartcity initiatives in the region. What opportunities and challenges do you see and how we can optimally use the GovTech hub to build this ecosystem. The roundtable will be hosted by Grisjo Koers, the programme manager at the Province of South Holland.

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In this roundtable, Dan Haplin, the CEO of Cybertrace will discuss the importance of public-private collaboration in the field of cybercrime. The focus will be mostly on cryptocurrency crimes and the need for closer collaboration between the police and private companies like Cybertrace in fighting the increasing number of crimes that are happening in the digital world.

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Digital Identity

In this round table, Digicampus, as one of the partners of the GovTech hub, would like to invite you to discuss what opportunities and challenges you see for our digital identity and how GovTech can help shape future use cases. Digicampus is the place where government, market, science and society design the public services of tomorrow. Digicampus facilitates the interaction that is needed for this. The table will be hosted by Marc Winsemius, the programme manager at Digicamous.

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Government & Web3.0

Will we see a Dutch Embassy in the Metaverse? How can an Embassy in the Metaverse help the country's tourism? Are we going to see crypto in the curriculum of students in the country?

Get answers and directions to these questions during the Government and Web 3.0 roundtable together with Tey E, the founder of FLUUS. The first non-custodial, localised, and keyless crypto wallet built for developing and emerging markets. Tey is an early adopter of Bitcoin, Pioneering the use of blockchain to break financial and identity barriers. Tey started a tech4good company that helps others like him. His journey ultimately led him to the realisation of his life's mission: turning invisible people into invincible ones.

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Future ambitions

GovTech NL Innovation Hub is growing by day. In autumn 2022 we have planned many exciting events for our community and everyone who is interested. Our events are free to attend and we welcome anyone to join. Follow our website for more information about the next events and more.

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Innovation Project Manager and Service Designer


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