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08 July 2020

Work in peace and breathe with ease knowing the air around you is safe and healthy




The idea for uHoo came when Dustin and Brian were studying in Hong Kong. Both Dustin and Brian have respiratory difficulties from which they were suffering more due to the air quality in the dormitories in Hong Kong.

Dustin Onghanseng

Founder of uHoo

With an eye on the sustainability and health benefits of cricket-based food



Sander Peltenburg

Founder of De Krekerij

Finding better solutions to the nutrition of human beings




Ivana Dvořáková

Founder of Terraz Food

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We create communities, offer support programmes and unlock resources for changemakers, so they can grow their business for a positive impact on society and nature.


27 September 2022

Startup Tuesday

We kick off the new season with a talk by Daniela Arias and Alejandro Ortega, the founders of Sibö B.V., a company focusing on revolutionizing food production using crickets.

04 October 2022

GovTechNL Meetup #13 - Digitalisation & Inclusion

Are you a GovTech startup, investor, policymaker, or government innovation evangelist? Join our monthly conversation at the NL GovTech Hub.

25 October 2022

Hackers for Good

The Hackers for Good event brings challenge owners, data experts and hackers together to prepare hackathon challenges.

01 November 2022

Data for Good

The Data for Good event includes hands-on demos about the AI tools and datasets available

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A range of changemakers join our challenges, programmes, hackathons, and other opportunities. A selection of these changemakers is supported more intensely in exchange for shares.

Rushabh Chheda (on the right), the founder of UniBrick, has been with us since 2019.


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