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September 1, 2023

First Basecamp Cohort Graduation. How was it?



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Svitlana Khrystenko

Innovation Programme Manager & Service Designer

Basecamp is a startup support programme that i designed for early-stage startups and consists of modules for exploring and developing your startup. In this course, you will have access to valuable resources, exercises, 1-on-1 sessions, mentor meetings, and much more. This spring WorldStartup launched its first re-designed support programme with 6 pioneer startups on board.

Why we facilitate Basecamp

  • Mission to positively influence the lives of one billion people through an inclusive and regenerative economy.
  • Co-creation and peer-to-peer support are important aspects of WorldStartup's approach to supporting startups.
  • The Basecamp programme offers a supportive ecosystem for innovators, helping them overcome obstacles, access resources, and connect with like-minded individuals.
  • The goal is to foster the development of innovative solutions to global challenges.
  • WorldStartup is excited to support the next generation of changemakers in making a positive impact on the planet.


In this pilot we had startups in different innovation sectors. Among them energy, health, logistics and others. Read more about each startup and see their pitched below. Anyone is welcome to reach out to startups for collaboration. All startups are open for collaboration and funding.

  • Unconventional Doctorates, led by founder Dr. Sinead Hewson, is a Dutch start-up whose purpose is to tackle low completion rates among doctoral candidates, particularly those from underrepresented groups, self-funded, or not working in education. The company aims to achieve this by developing a platform that provides users with on-demand services, free and premium content, study guidelines, and specialised peer-to-peer groups. By doing so, it hopes to foster a more diverse community of innovators, academics, and civic leaders.
  • At Work. Founded in September 2022 by Nariman AmaniAt Work is an Iranian venture that solves the problem of scattered data, inefficient processes, and limited collaboration in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
  • Stretch, a venture founded by Ipsita and Yashas, is on a mission to revolutionise women's wellness in underserved markets like India. They're a female-first health benefit plan that enhances existing coverage, integrating women's health and wellness needs more meaningfully. With Stretch, they're stretching the boundaries of traditional health plans to better serve women's unique needs.
  • Vacuum Gravity Energy LLC (VGE). Is the winner of the Futurepreneurs for Ukraine programme, is a Ukrainian venture that have developed a renewable energy generator that will convert the difference in vacuum and atmospheric pressure into a reliable source of electricity. Founders Anton Filatov and Vira Filatova are on the path to make a significant impact in the renewable energy sector.
  • Wemyla, also known as We Make Your Life Art, is an e-commerce venture founded by Maryam Karami that aims to revolutionise the way people buy and appreciate art. Founded in April 2022, Wemyla has launched a platform for artisans and artists to sell their crafts directly P2C. By eliminating brokers from the art market, Wemyla takes care of managing logistics and providing a seamless and secure purchasing experience for customers.
  • LabLoop. Based in the Netherlands, LabLoop is at the forefront of advancing bio-tech research. Collaborating with the European Space Agency, they have developed a bio-tech platform that serves as a hub for individuals interested in projects related to the growth of plants, algae, mushrooms, micro-organisms in space.

The Results

Basecamp showed to be a very hands-on, user-oriented support programme that guides and boosts success of impact-driven startups. Basecamp helps startups navigate challenges and increase their chances of achieving their desired impact.

At the end of the programme each startup was nominated to receive awards. See the awards and the winning startups.

  • Wemyla gets Resilience Achievement Award. For the startup that showed exceptional resilience, perseverance, and achieved remarkable results despite facing challenging connections and obstacles during the programme.

Wemyla also impressed the audience the most and received Audience Favourite Award. They will receive 2 months of extra mentoring from one of the impact mentors of WorldStartup.

  • Stretch gets Adaptive Explorer Award. For the startup that actively asked for additional exercises, embraced changing of their name, and utilised the programme to refine and scope their solution on their path towards the right track.
  • Unconventional Doctorates gets Collaborative Catalyst Award. For the startup that actively contributed to the enhancement of the programme, organising workshops, asking insightful questions, and driving positive change through their active participation.
  • LabLoop gets Agile Innovator's Award. For the startup that demonstrated exceptional agility, determination, and commitment to developing a groundbreaking solution despite limited time in the programme.
  • AtWork gets Pioneer Prize. For the startup that was the first one to adopt new methods and use the maximum of all the resources provided during the programme.
  • Vacuum Gravity Energy gets Euro Pitch Explorer Award. For the startup that showcased exceptional determination and resilience by pitching their business idea across multiple cities in Europe, maximising exposure and networking opportunities.


The best and most important part of this program was that it provided me with the right perspective on startups. I learned where to begin, how to plan, and how to put everything that's in my mind onto paper. Being alongside other entrepreneurs and mentors was also incredibly valuable. This program can serve as a great starting point for any startup to properly identify its path. The culmination event of the program was also quite fascinating. It was a great opportunity, and I learned how to present my work effectively.

Maryam Karami, Founder, Wemyla

The Basecamp Programme allowed me to get my business idea out of my head and in a form that makes sense, it allowed me to examine the viability of the idea and market. The resources and, most importantly, the mentor support provided by World Start Up helped me focus and critically examine the idea.
One of the best things about the programme is the small community of like-minded entrepreneurs from all over the world. Through the programme, I have been able to connect with other founders and share ideas and experiences. This has been invaluable in terms of gaining insights and inspiration for my own business and being open to ideas, feedback and pivoting when necessary.
The hybrid approach – virtual and in-person sessions were helpful. The Basecamp framework on Miro, where we developed our businesses, acted as a great sounding board to document ideas and challenges, and working virtually with the team was invaluable.
The Basecamp Start-Up Programme to any entrepreneur looking to take their business to the next level. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world (as long as you have a stable internet connection and computer access). The community, resources, and teamhave been instrumental in bringing my business idea into reality.

Dr. Sinead Hewson, Founder, Unconventional Doctorates

It's been a fantastic journey, watching the startups benefit so much. Honestly, we couldn't have imagined it turning out this well. The surprise for me was just how brilliantly the startups tackled challenges and made such impressive progress. This pilot has truly exceeded all expectations, and it's given us a fantastic foundation for future editions. Huge credit to the entire team for creating such a remarkable and effective programme that's set a wonderful example for startups to follow.

Svitlana Khrystenko, Basecamp Programme Lead, WorldStartup

My time with the Basecamp participants has been incredible. It's amazing to see their progress despite challenges and time pressure. The programme's focus on collaboration and mutual support among startups was truly rewarding. Being part of this community has been an honour, and their dedication is inspiring. I've learned a lot and look forward to their continued success.

Midyan Ulbaki, Startup Support, WorldStartup

Going forward

Basecamp is not stopping but moving forward with event more fuel. Energised from the pilot edition, we announce opening for the next batch that starts in October. Read about Basecamp in details here. Meanwhile, here is a short overview.

  • 6-month incubator programme
  • For early-stage startups
  • Consists of tailored modules with the support of individual mentors, events, and an entrepreneurial community as a bonus.
  • €280/month or a one-time payment of €1500
  • Start in October 2023

Register here.

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