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April 21, 2023

Building the Next Generation of Changemakers Through the Online WorldStartup Academy




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Camila Ugarte

Communications & Marketing Intern

Unlocking Resources for All

At WorldStartup, we are committed to creating a sustainable future through an inclusive and regenerative economy. We believe that collaboration and equality are essential to achieve positive growth in every corner of the world. We ‘lead by example’ with local leaders in a global network, to enhance ecosystem equality and provide support for and acceleration of changemakers worldwide.

Our role is to find, unite, and support changemakers into co-creating innovation. Over the years, we have accumulated a valuable amount of learning materials, which until now, have only been accessible to those participating in our programmes. We recognise the importance of making these resources accessible to a wider audience, which is why we are excited to introduce to you our latest project: The WorldStartup Academy.

Bridging the Gap

The WorldStartup Academy will serve as a hub for our collected resources, creating a single destination where changemakers can access information and interact with each other. The aim is to support changemakers at any stage of their entrepreneurial development by providing them with niche knowledge, valuable resources, access to international markets and funding opportunities. Most importantly, our specialised mentors, trainers and WorldStartup team will provide personalised support to help them achieve their goals.

First Steps

A core value of WorldStartup is “Ventures First”, where the interests of the ventures we support have the highest priority. With this in mind, we are launching the first pilot programme - Basecamp.

Basecamp is WorldStartup’s incubator programme for early-stage startups. It has been specifically designed to help early-stage startups navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and give them all the core knowledge needed to overcome the encountered hurdles, bring their ideas to life and build their first MVP.

Initially launched in 2021 as a 1-year incubator programme, Basecamp proved efficient in helping several startups during its first year. However, it also showed some limitations. The tailored approach of the programme became hard to scale to bring more impact. To address this, in 2023 we are testing a new, concise 12-week programme that is fully online and accessible to anyone who is willing to join us in this testing period. We are placing all our knowledge that we have gathered for many years onto an online Academy. Our goal is to create the most effective and impactful programme possible, which is why we will be requesting feedback from our participants throughout the programme, to improve it for future editions.

As a special thank you for being part of our pilot programme and helping us shape the future of entrepreneurship education, we are excited to offer an exclusive reward to students who join the Basecamp Programme. Upon registration, they will receive an 80% discount from the original price as well as a further discount on any future trainings.

From Potential To Action

We believe that everyone has the potential to make a positive impact and contribute to a more inclusive and regenerative economy. As we look to the future, we envision the WorldStartup Academy as a subscription-based service that provides 24/7 access to an extensive range of resources for anyone who wants to learn from and contribute to our community of changemakers.

For the time being, by joining Basecamp through the Academy, we can help you turn this potential into action. To get started, the only things you need are a good internet connection, a computer and a desire to learn with us.

If you are interested in joining the Basecamp Incubator Programme, sign up through the registration form before April 24th!

We hope to welcome you in our journey towards a better change.

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