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About us

We are WorldStartup

We support purpose-driven innovators creating long-standing impactful ventures. We build inspiring conditions for innovators and their partners to accelerate the global transition to sustainable and equitable societies through entrepreneurship.

We empower changemakers

We empower changemakers at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey. Our role is to find, unite, and support changemakers by providing them with access to markets, capital, knowledge, and resources.

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An Inclusive and Regenerative Future

Theory of Change

In an era marked by unprecedented global challenges and rapid change, WorldStartup strives to advocate for a more sustainable and inclusive world. At the core of our mission lies the belief that an inclusive and regenerative economy is not only possible but is also imperative for the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. Through our Theory of Change, we seek to ignite a wave of positive growth, powered by collaboration and equality.

The team

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Alice Pavin

Programme & Investment Manager

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Daniël Steginga

Managing Director of WorldStartup

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Egbert Ottevanger

Startup & VISA Support

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Gerrit Jan van 't Veen

Strategy & Business Development

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Jan Verkooijen

Portfolio Management

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Jasmann Chhatwal

Junior Programme Manager & Investment Analyst

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Margot van Hecking Colenbrander

Project Manager Impactview

team member image

Marjan de Jong

Managing Director of WorldStartup

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Midyan Ulbaki

Startup Support Manager

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Milena Ninova

Innovation Programme & Service Design Manager

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Rebeka Bílik

Communications & Programme Manager

team member image

Sofiia Batra

Communications & Events Intern

team member image

Svitlana Khrystenko

Innovation Programme Manager & Service Designer

team member image

Tania Ferreira Lomba

Programme Design Intern

What we value

Ventures first


The interest of the ventures we support has the highest priority. They are in the front row.

Care together


We think complex issues require joint efforts. Working together on tangible solutions to create shared value.

Celebrate life


We strive to make our journey fun and full of celebration. Life is amazing. We love nature.


01 January 2016

The First Impact Accelerator in The Hague, Netherlands, Supported by Impact City

01 January 2017

The Second Impact Accelerator in The Hague, Netherlands, Supported by Impact City

01 January 2018

The Third Impact Accelerator in The Hague, Netherlands, Supported by Impact City

01 January 2019

Introduction of the Foodstars Accelerator with Truvalu. Launch of Startup Tuesday, Dutch Mentor Community

01 January 2020

Rebranding to WorldStartup. Launch of the Altitude Support Programme. Revamp Hackathon for Good

01 January 2021

Launch of our First Innovation Hub GovTech NL. Start Basecamp Incubator

01 January 2022

Introduction of WorldStartup Collective with Frank & The Backs, Miles, and The Impacters. Adopting the Tech Culture Festival Border Sessions

01 January 2023

Acquiring ImpactView. Kickstart 3 New Innovation Hubs. Rebranding of Dutch Mentor Community into Impact Mentors

01 January 2023

Progress to Global Platform for Changemakers Catalyse Positive Growth

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Join us

We always welcome ambitious impact-oriented changemakers in our team. If you feel like your values align with our mission, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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