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August 25, 2023

WorldStartup's Theory of Change for an Inclusive and Regenerative Future




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Rebeka Bílik

Communications & Programme Manager

In an era marked by unprecedented global challenges and rapid change, WorldStartup strives to advocate for a more sustainable and inclusive world. At the core of our mission lies the belief that an inclusive and regenerative economy is not only possible but is also imperative for the well-being of our planet and its inhabitants. Through our Theory of Change, we seek to ignite a wave of positive growth, powered by collaboration and equality.

Pioneering the Path to Progress

WorldStartup's philosophy rests upon a conviction that inclusivity and regeneration are not just aspirations but rather practical blueprints for a thriving future. Our goal is to positively impact the lives of one billion people across the globe. This we can't do alone. Therefore, we plan to achieve this ambitious goal by collaborating with a network of 10,000 changemakers, each a catalyst for change, enhancing the lives of an average of 100,000 individuals.

The road to success for these changemakers lies in their access to three crucial resources. Firstly, they benefit from resources, knowledge, mentors, and peers, which provide support for their personal, team, and business development. Secondly, they are able to enter markets and connect with stakeholders, which helps them establish their initial customer base. Lastly, access to capital enables them to fuel their growth trajectory. Through this three-step framework, we ensure that these changemakers have all the necessary tools to succeed in their journeys and create more positive impact along thier path.

Building the Foundations of Change

To turn this vision into reality and empower our impact-driven community, we created a three-step framework:

  1. The Changemakers Platform: A digital space where changemakers can find everything they require to propel their journeys forward. Here, knowledge, support, and tools converge, becoming the launchpad for their ideas.
  2. Enabling Environments for Innovation: Innovation hubs, carefully developed ecosystems, provide the backdrop for diverse stakeholders to converge and co-create within specific themes. This synergy sparks innovation that transforms into positive growth, causing a ripple effect that impacts various industries.
  3. Early-Stage Funding: Recognizing that the journey of a changemaker starts with foundational support, WorldStartup offers early-stage funding to help these visionaries lay the groundwork for their ventures.

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Three Pillars of Systemic Change

The Theory of Change is not only a set of principles, it's a blueprint for systemic transformation. WorldStartup aims to achieve three key transformations:

  1. Ecosystem Equality: A world where every changemaker, regardless of origin or background, enjoys equitable access to resources, markets, and capital. This levelling of the playing field ensures that no potential remains untapped and no idea is left unexplored.
  2. Co-Creation of Innovation: Innovation finds its true potential when it is a collective endeavour. Innovation, when inclusive and collaborative, holds the key to sustainable growth that benefits all.
  3. Empowering Early-Stage Changemakers: Early-stage changemakers are keen to bring innovative solutions to modern-day problems. It is essential to provide them with the support they need to maximize their global contribution to a positive impact on society and nature.

United We Stand, Impactfully We Thrive

At WorldStartup, we understand that achieving transformation requires collaboration. That's why we are inviting 100 leaders from all over the world to join us in forming a nexus of like-minded individuals dedicated to accelerating positive growth. With personal and company-level support, these leaders will become the driving force behind an entrepreneurial ecosystem for impact. We believe in the power of humility and working together towards a common goal.

Cultivating Change: A Theory in Action

WorldStartup's Theory of Change is based on a powerful approach of leading by example. We strive to improve innovation hubs by empowering local leaders and highlighting the work of changemakers who are making a difference globally. This turns our theory into action, creating a positive impact that spreads across borders and generations through collaboration and empowerment.

In a world that desires change, WorldStartup offers a union of hope and action. Our Theory of Change is not just a set of ideals, but a roadmap to a future where everyone benefits from an inclusive and regenerative economy. By building a community of changemakers, we want to demonstrate that collaboration and equality can create a better world for all.

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