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May 17, 2023

Conquering New Heights: The Story Behind the Mountain




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Camila Ugarte

Communications & Marketing Intern

Entrepreneurs know standing out in the market requires innovative branding strategies. A logo is a visual representation of a company, helping them establish a distinct identity that customers can easily recognise.

At WorldStartup, we understand the importance of symbolism, which is why our team spent months brainstorming a brand identity that would convey our culture and mission. The story behind the WorldStartup logo is an interesting one. As we celebrate our third anniversary since our last rebranding, we are excited to share with you the inspiration behind the distinctive mountain that features in our logo.

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A Journey of Rebranding

During the first years of WorldStartup, we had a different logo and name - officially known as “WorldStartupFactory", featuring a blue curved arrow pointing upwards. The blue arrow symbolised our team’s drive to move forward, representing our role as an ‘accelerator’. However, we soon noticed a common trend: people frequently shortened our name to “WSF” or referred to us solely as “Startup Factory”.

Recognising the need for a unique identity, we began brainstorming a meaningful and recognisable symbol. And so began the twelve month process of rebranding WorldStartup. Our goal was two-folded: to design a visual identity that aligns with our company’s values, as well as our commitment to scaling new heights.

From brainstorming logo ideas, we discovered a shared passion for outdoors adventures within the team. It struck us that starting a business was like climbing a mountain, where you have to plan your route, prepare for the climb, and navigate around the environment. There were too many metaphors between mountaineering concepts and entrepreneurship that it just felt right. At that moment, we realised that a mountain symbol perfectly aligned with our values, mission and entrepreneurial spirit.

The Power of a Logo

In January 2020, we unveiled our new branding initiative, marking a significant step in our journey. The introduction of the mountain in our new logo sparked immediate recognition and curiosity. Unlike its predecessor, the mountain sparked discussions about its story. The overwhelming positive feedback confirmed that the mountain not only captured our audience’s attention and curiosity, but also symbolised the maturity of our brand.

Climbing to the Top

Three years later, our logo continues to represent entrepreneurship as an adventure where you must climb to the summit to make an impact. The distinctive mountain has become an authentic symbol of the team’s desires to reach new heights. It embodies our passion, drive and commitment to helping others reach their full potential.

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