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August 15, 2023

The Art of Calligraphy for Mental Wellness with Creative Ink




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Charlot Oudbier

Communications at Frank & the backs

How frequently do you practice meditation or yoga to maintain your mental health? Creative Ink believes there is a simpler technique that anyone can use anywhere and it only takes ten minutes of your day; calligraphy. “While this technique has been around for thousands of years, we are modernizing it by creating fun, easy, and aesthetically pleasing tools and by incorporating technology into this amazing style of art,” Sergey Kasilov says.

More and more individuals are experiencing mental health issues; at the moment, over 1 billion people globally live with mental disorders. Because of this, Creative Ink is developing an app that will allow users to practice for 10 minutes a day with customized calligraphy exercises based on scientific research to unwind or focus. By connecting this to a smart calligraphy pen or smartwatch, it is possible to get real-time feedback on one’s health.

Creative Ink is now looking to open a creative workshop space in The Hague where people can become creative and try their products. They develop amazing inkwells and other accessories such as pen rests. The goal is to eventually make calligraphy accessible to everyone, from young children to elderly people (it can even help with dementia). “It is all you need, and it is extremely simple, to relax or focus. We want to enter a new era where we combine traditional calligraphy, technology, and mental health. Save the art of handwriting while enhancing people’s mental well-being,” Kate Vlasova and Mikhail Reznikov say.

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Recently Creative Ink has joined the Next Valley programme of WorldStartup. Egbert Ottevanger: “We’re excited to support them in their scaling-up journey!”

Are you also seeking goal-specific guidance or visa support? We're happy to help you in our 12-month coaching programme - Next Valley.

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Frank & The Backs

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