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February 22, 2022

Startup Spotlight - Khach and Natalya from Scimagine


Khachatur Julfakyan

Founder of Scimagine

Khach and Natalya are co-founders of Scimagine, a startup which has developed an innovative cloud-based platform for categorised experimental data, structured and stored in the form of searchable databases. They joined the WorldStartup Altitude program in May. Here is an overview of their 2021 startup journey.

Khach and Natalya founders of Scimagine

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“The year started... not so well. We went through many challenges related to COVID restrictions. But instead of agonizing over the bad things we focused on putting our energy into our work, our startup to change something in the world that we can change.

We usually work a lot since we don’t really separate our life and work. As a family of entrepreneurs, our work becomes our life and the other way around, so we always stay very connected to what we do.

This year we had many positive changes in our business as well as in personal life. We have raised a $250 thousand fund, just 2 days after Khach’s surgery. We have joined the WorldStartup Altitude community, attended the Market Readiness Program, and have met with many great, enthusiastic, and passionate people during it.

We feel that this year we grew a lot and we have dramatically expanded our network with like-minded people, which is the most valuable achievement of the year. As for the, we realised that you cannot just get lost in the abundance of problems that surround you. Just focus on what you can change in the world into something better and invest your time and energy into that. It will give you a nice purpose, motivation and fulfillment.

For 2022, we are looking forward to exploring the Netherlands, Dutch Universities and Research Institutions landscape. Not only will our business expand its market, but we will also be positively challenged by the new culture and people.”

We are thankful to have had the chance to listen to Natalya and Khach’s personal story and eager to continue our joint WorldStartup journey!

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