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May 31, 2023

Making it Possible: Drones with X-ray Vision




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Charlot Oudbier

Communications at Frank & the backs

This innovation is applicable in many industries, such as checking for internal structural defects in power grid lines, railway overhead lines, or pipelines. But the most unique application of SpectX’s technology is wind turbine blades. Nowadays, drones are more and more used for the detection of external flaws in wind turbines. However, one of the founders, Akhilesh Goveas, noticed during his studies that internal defects of wind turbines are difficult to detect and that the hostile environment of strong wind and great heights comes with high risks for the workers.

To solve this problem, SpectX is testing and developing an X-ray system to detect internal defects in hard-to-reach infrastructure, such as wind turbines. The X-ray vision makes it safer for workers by avoiding contact with any radiation, as well as cheaper and faster. After all, this technology allows a wind turbine to be out of running for just 40 minutes instead of 7 hours during an inspection. They completed the Next Valley programme last year which helps startups and scaleups to elevate their business and act globally. SpectX is developing a promising innovation with big plans for the future.

Recently, Akhilesh Goveas was nominated for the MIT Innovators under 35 Europe. They formed a consortium with Avular Robotics and the Eindhoven University of Technology to pilot the autonomous aerial radiography system for the inspection of offshore wind turbine blades. And they received a 1.74 million euro grant from the Hernieuwbare Energietransitie (HER+) program of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) which allows them to run a pilot nearshore at the Groningen Seaports in Eemshaven!

SpectX is paving the way for a new era of inspection methods. Say goodbye to lengthy inspection times and high-risk working environments. Discover a safer and more efficient way to inspect critical infrastructure with SpectX's groundbreaking X-ray system!

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Frank & The Backs

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