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February 22, 2022

Infrascreen: nanotech solution offers greenhouse growers extra energy savings‍





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Egbert Ottevanger

Director Frank & the Backs

A couple of months ago Frank & the Backs welcomed Infrascreen as a client. The Swiss venture has developed a new type of material for climate screens in greenhouses. Simulations have shown that this nanotech material provides an extra 15% energy saving in comparison to existing climate screens. The Netherlands is the global leader in horticultural innovations. The reason for Infrascreen to reach out to Frank & the Backs for support in executing their growth strategy and getting the right expertise and knowledge to enter the market. What does the support consist of until now?

Extensive network and expertise

Frank & the Backs works with a network of seasoned professionals and C-level executives; so-called Backs. If a scale-up asks for help Frank & the Backs selects the expert who matches the needs of the scale-up the best. In the case of Infrascreen Maarten Oostenbrink has been appointed as Back.

Oostenbrink is a former managing director in the Netherlands of Ludvig Svensson, the world leader in climate control and energy efficiency through textile-based solutions. “I have an extensive network in the greenhouse sector, which is of course useful for Infrascreen. I introduced the founders to several interesting parties in the Westland, centre of the greenhouse sector in our country.”

“The agro-ecosystem in the Netherlands is of great importance for innovations like the one of Infrascreen,” Oostenbrink says.


Recently the business unit Greenhouse Horticulture of Wageningen University and Delphy, an expertise centre for food & flowers, have started research projects on the nanotech material. This year also several pilot projects in greenhouses will be undertaken. “The agro ecosystem in the Netherlands is of great importance for innovations like the one of Infrascreen,” Oostenbrink says.

Oostenbrink has contact with the founders once a week. “My role as a Back is not so much the daily operation”, he says. “I primarily focus on strategy, guidance and direction, based on my experience and knowledge. That’s where I can really add value.”

Frank & the Backs is part of World Startup.

Want to know more about their scale-up support? Check out the website or send an e-mail.

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Frank & The Backs

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