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September 20, 2022

Hopping back to university to engage the freshmen




Svitlana Khrystenko

Programme Designer & Facilitator

Last month we participated in Leiden University's HOP week in The Hague, which aimed to welcome the freshmen in their first academic year. Our colleagues Daniël, Svitlana, Rebeka and Jasmann had the opportunity to experience the vibrant student community for two days. They presented WorldStartup at the InfoMarket at Zuiderpark and hosted a workshop during Career Path Day.

WorldStartup presentation during the InfoMarket at Zuiderpark

Our team gathered on a warm sunny afternoon at Zuiderpark, packed with posters, stickers, stationaries and a good mood, prepared to immerse themselves in the pool of curious freshmen. Soon young students with an entrepreneurial spirit started hopping over to the WorldStartup stand, which engaged them with a brainstorming exercise. The students could bring their own perspectives on current global challenges, including food shortage, climate change, and energy transition. We asked them to associate further issues with the topics and find appropriate solutions. Their hard work was rewarded with a Bingo at the end of the day, during which our team selected 8 lucky participants who won various prizes ranging from a tote bag to a day at our office.

Check out the outcomes of the brainstorming session on this Miro board and add your suggestions if you have any. The board is open to everyone to collaborate.

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Mountain of Tomorrow Workshop during Career Path Day at the Leiden University

During the career path day, WorldStartup presented one of their original canvases for young entrepreneurs called “Mountain of Tomorrow”. Students had a chance to learn about different opportunities within WorldStartup and try out one of the tailored canvases for defining the scope of their current or future innovative projects. The workshop was held by the managing director of WorldStartup Daniël Steginga, and a programme designer and facilitator, Svitlana Khrystenko. You can find the canvas and the outcomes of the workshop on this Miro board.

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Opportunities for students

We’re open to collaborating with students and educational institutions on many levels. As a student, you can join these tailored programmes for free or with a student discount.

Hackathon for Good

Hack the challenges from 19-27 November 2022 and win a prize!


Register for a 3-month free programme to learn how to be a successful entrepreneur!

Border Sessions

Tech, culture and art festival on 2 November 2022. Join as a guest or a volunteer!

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