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April 7, 2022

Governments' innovation starts with understanding your challenges


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Daniël Steginga

Managing Director of WorldStartup

Daniël Steginga and Alwin Veldboom have supported the Municipality of The Hague with formulating a Challenge for Startup in Residence with the Worldstartup Challenge Discovery & Definition process. Startups can now register until 12th of May 2022 with a solution to the question: how can we make it easier for people with occupational limitations to find a suitable job and to fill it in a sustainable way?

The Challenge

The Municipality of The Hague wants to help more people with occupational limitations find work. There are approximately 25,000 job seekers in the Municipality of The Hague. These are people who ask the municipality for help and receive financial support. More than 10,000 people with occupational limitations are still looking for a job.

How we supported the Municipality

Social issues can be complex, solutions cannot only be conceived and developed internally within a single organization. There is a need for collaboration with outside parties, such as start-ups or scale-ups. To recruit and select the right parties, the first step was to clarify and formulate the challenge. For this reason, the Challenge Discovery & Definition trajectory was introduced. In Discovery sessions, we discussed the various challenges surrounding an inclusive labor market in The Hague, with various groups of colleagues within the municipality. A shortlist of topics was made, based on certain criteria, which were used as the focus during each Definition session. Possible challenge questions were formulated, the scope and the innovation objective was determined, solution criteria and success factors were devised, stakeholders identified and an extensive Challenge briefing was drawn up.

Successful innovation projects start with a clearly defined (social) challenge and involvement of internal and external innovators. Looking for a good start to your innovation project or program? WorldStartup and Outside Inc. are very happy to support you further.

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