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April 13, 2023

Going Green in The Hague: Where to Start?




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Camila Ugarte

Communications & Marketing Intern

Think Global, Act Local

At least once during our day, we are exposed to news concerning the wellbeing of our planet. From podcast episodes, to television broadcasts to social media, climate change is a trending topic. For many, this exposure becomes overwhelming and sometimes even disempowering. A single person will not cool the record breaking temperatures or save species that are at risk of extinction. The solution lies within collective action at a global scale. However, there needs to be a starting point.

WorldStartup’s headquarters is located in the coastal city of Den Haag. Within the Haagse community, there has been a growing wave of sustainability initiatives. From restaurants, to grocery stores, to retail shops and NGOs; action is being undertaken at a local level by our next-door neighbours!

Are you curious about where to find these local initiatives? Well, you’re in luck! Here we will introduce you to a selection of initiatives that fit best with WorldStartup’s core values. On top of that, we will provide you with extra recommendations of other initiatives to check out around the city. We hope to make sustainable living in The Hague more accessible and convenient for you.

Ready for a delicious sustainable lunch? Or an engaging evening of environmental activities? We are!

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Living Our Values

At WorldStartup, we believe an inclusive and regenerative economy is the way forward for a sustainable future. We lead by example, unite communities, support sustainable startups and facilitate knowledge by unlocking resources for changemakers worldwide. All to innovate and foster positive growth for society and nature. How do we achieve this? We follow our company culture:

1. Ventures First

The interests of the ventures we support have the highest priority.

2. Care Together

We work together on practical solutions to address complicated situations and ensure positive outcomes for everyone involved.

3. Celebrate Life

We strive to make our journey fun and full of celebration.

4. Ecosystem Equality

Equal opportunities and obligations are essential for a sustainable society.

Local Heroes

The Hague is full of amazing sustainable initiatives. Every sector of The Hague, be it restaurants, groceries, fashion or NGOs are slowly but surely making a move towards sustainability. It would be wrong of us to keep this information to ourselves, so here we present to you a handful of them!

The Hague’s Finest

The Hague’s Finest is a unique store that showcases the talent of local creators in The Hague by offering their products. Like us, they put their creators first. The store is committed to giving The Hague a distinct identity. With a partnership with 125 local creators, the store offers a diverse range of around 750 fine products. From daily groceries to art, clothing, music, home-decor and much more, you are sure to find more than one item worth purchasing! The best part? All products are sustainably designed by the creators themselves, making it a great shopping destination for eco-conscious consumers.

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Lekker Nassuh

Lekker Nassuh is a sustainable non-profit market that sells weekly boxes containing local, seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables. They advocate for a fair and sustainable food chain in The Hague and its surroundings. This aligns with our core value of “caring together”. They achieve this goal through different approaches.

  1. Their products are locally produced in nearby farms around The Hague which reduces food-miles and carbon emissions when they have to bring in the products for their weekly markets.
  2. The fruits and vegetables are usually grown outdoors, in the open air, and without pesticides or artificial fertilisers. All products are produced as responsibly as possible.
  3. During their weekly markets, they minimise unnecessary waste by selling their products without packaging materials. Encouraging customers to bring their own tote bags or containers and be one step closer to a sustainable life-style.
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TrashUre Hunt

TrashUre Hunt is an NGO for issues related to the restoration of the environment. Stationed by the seaside neighbourhood of The Hague, Scheveningen, they bring environmental issues to the attention of the public in a fun and creative way. Creative, sporting and musical activities are organised for people from all age groups to collectively “hunt” for “treasures” that do not belong in nature!

Their goal of reducing litter is achieved through a guaranteed playfulness, which aligns greatly with our core value of “celebrate life”. For 10 years, they have been making a party out of keeping the beach of Scheveningen clean! This method towards environmental education encourages people to take action, in the hopes of sparking behavioural change towards a more sustainable life-style.

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Conscious Kitchen

The issue of waste in the food industry is becoming a growing problem. Shockingly, every person in The Netherlands is estimated to throw away 16kg of food daily. The major environmental impact food waste has on the planet is vast and cannot be ignored. Think about how much of this food could have been repurposed for better use!

Conscious Kitchen is a non-profit organisation based in The Hague that is dedicated to fighting food waste. Once a week, the organisers visit the Haagse Market to rescue unsold produce, that would have otherwise gone to waste, and transform it into delicious meals that are shared with the community every Thursday evening. What’s impressive about Conscious Kitchen is that they are fully run by volunteers who are passionate about this cause. Their most enjoyable challenge is preparing a meal out of whatever food is rescued!

Their weekly plant-based dinners go beyond nourishing the body and raising awareness about food waste. They also promote conscious living and foster a sense of community by bringing people together over food. A shared passion for sustainable living and healthy eating creates a welcoming space for forging new friendships and support systems. These values align with our core principle of “ecosystem equality” which emphasises balance in our relationship with the natural world.

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Getting Involved

Collaboration is the key to making a difference. Various initiatives and grassroot organisations offer great opportunities to get involved. With so many ways to contribute, it only takes an active effort to make your city and community more sustainable. Achieving impact requires collective cooperation, so why not get out there and get involved today?

Extra recommendations

As promised, here is the list of other sustainable initiatives within The Hague, similar to those mentioned above:

  1. For groceries: Eco&Co, Veggie4U, Too good to go
  2. Fashion: Reshare Store Den Haag, Bij priester
  3. NGOs: Voedselbank
  4. Others: Little Green Shop, Sprinkel+hop

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