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June 1, 2023

Basecamp: Fueling Entrepreneurial Dreams




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Camila Ugarte

Communications & Marketing Intern

In late April, we kicked-off our renewed Basecamp Programme. A 12-week, online incubator programme designed to empower early-stage startups in navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship. Through a range of tailored resources, expert mentorship, and a supportive community, we aim to equip participants with the tools they need to succeed.

It’s been a month since we embarked on an exciting journey with six innovative startups that have joined our programme. These ventures are all in the early-stages, experimenting and making significant strides towards progress. What’s more, they all share two common traits: a desire to bring positive change into our world with their solution and a deep determination to transform their entrepreneurial dreams into reality.

Today, we are thrilled to present these startups to you. Addressing pressing societal challenges requires more than just a compelling idea. It demands perseverance, resilience in the face of failure, and the flexibility to adapt and readjust. It is through these collective efforts that one can start paving the way towards meaningful and positive change. Get ready to be inspired by the passion of these startups!

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Drum Rolls, Please

1. Unconventional Doctorates

From all the coming startups, Unconventional Doctorates distinguishes itself in a different manner. Led by founder, Dr. Sinead Hewson, the Dutch venture is currently in its exploration phase, with the main idea still taking shape. The idea is to create a platform that will address the low completion rates of doctoral candidates, particularly those from marginalised groups, non-academic backgrounds, mature candidates and those who are self-funded.

The platform would offer on-demand services and a peer-to-peer community to support candidates throughout their journey. The venture is seeking a co-founder with technology and UX expertise and an investor with academic and government connections to establish B2B partnerships.

With the guidance of Basecamp, in the remaining 9 weeks of the programme, our objective is to transform Dr. Hewson's compelling idea into a well-defined and actionable plan.

2. At Work

Founded in September 2022 by Nariman Amani, At Work is an Iranian venture that solves the problem of scattered data, inefficient processes, and limited collaboration in small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). To achieve greater productivity and efficiency, they created an all-in-one business management system that integrates messaging, data tables, and documentation.

Atwork's messaging system facilitates collaboration by integrating file sharing, project collaboration, and AI-powered insights. With data-driven recommendations, businesses can make well-informed decisions while enjoying smooth teamwork performances. Their aim is to make managing a business - simple, fast and safe.

3. Stretch

Currently operating under the name ‘Stretch’, is a Dutch venture on a mission to revolutionise women's access to wellness and ObGyn care by redesigning work healthcare plans to cater to the specific needs of female employees. Their main goal is to create a marketplace that connects workplace benefits with health solutions specifically needed by women.

They are achieving this through a cost-saving and innovative platform. They have recruited  empathetic providers to act as advisors, redesigned care plans to cover well-being and flexible workplace benefits, and implemented a new payment approach to improve the accessibility to necessary medications and treatments.

4. Vacuum Gravity Energy LLC (VGE)

Vacuum Gravity Energy, the winner of the Futurepreneurs for Ukraine programme, is a Ukrainian venture providing a sustainable solution for SMBs struggling to obtain consistent "green" electricity. They have developed a renewable energy generator that will convert the difference in vacuum and atmospheric pressure into a reliable source of electricity.

The increasing energy costs and enhanced energy insecurity in Ukraine, is what led the founder Anton Filatov and his team to come up with the venture idea. With their cost-effective and weather-independent solution, VGE is on the path to make a significant impact in the renewable energy sector.

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5. LabLoop (AstroPlant)

Based in the Netherlands, LabLoop (Astroplant) is at the forefront of advancing bio-tech research. They have developed a bio-tech platform that serves as a hub for individuals interested in projects related to the growth of plants, algae, mushrooms, micro-organisms, and more. In the long run, it will facilitate connections and encourage sharing among experts, scientists, or curious citizens.

To top it off, the platform also offers advanced functionalities to control sensors, actuators, and retrieve data, fostering a collaborative ecosystem for scientific exploration. A milestone worth mentioning is LabLoop securing funding from and collaborating with the European Space Agency. This partnership has the potential to significantly expand their opportunities for groundbreaking discoveries.

6. Wemyla

Wemyla, also known as We Make Your Life Art, is an e-commerce venture that aims to revolutionise the way people buy and appreciate art. Founded in April 2022, Wemyla has launched a platform for artisans and artists to sell their crafts directly P2C.

By eliminating brokers from the art market, Wemyla takes care of managing logistics and providing a seamless and secure purchasing experience for customers. This empowers artists and handicraft producers to earn more and increase customer loyalty.

Through Basecamp, Wemyla will receive personalised support and expert mentorship, enabling them to refine their business model in order to accelerate their growth.

From Idea to Scale

Basecamp is WorldStartup’s incubator programme for early-stage startups that serves as the foundation for their new entrepreneurial journey. It has been specifically designed to provide early-stage startups with the core knowledge needed to overcome encountered hurdles, bring their ideas to life and build their first Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

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While applications are currently closed, there is no need to worry as we are thrilled to announce that we will be opening registrations for future editions of Basecamp after the first group of startups graduate. Sign up here to stay informed about when we open registrations again for our upcoming programmes.

If you dare, unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with us! Let’s scale to great heights together.

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