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June 30, 2022

Fingers Crossed





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Gerrit Jan van 't Veen

Managing Director of WorldStartup Collective

Today we submitted our proposal for a session during EVPA Impact Week 2022 in Brussels. Our presence at this conference allows us to further accelerate the significance of impact investing, which is crucial for impact entrepreneurship.

We need as much capital as possible invested in impact-driven companies and projects to face urgent challenges. That’s pretty clear for most people by now. Two years ago, impact investment reached the 2% mark. It’s a promising beginning, which should transform far into the double digits in a couple of years.

We hope we can do a session on the codes of conduct with our fellow members at EVPA. Our approach is to show the habits and rules of impact investing in the example of ball games. Which game do we want to play? Is it an exclusive game of golf with few people in the game, one skill set, taking our time, and always succeeding in the end? Or do we want to play basketball instead? It is fast, we can earn many points, and it requires different skills in the team, but there are also many failures while trying to score. Let me be frank with you upfront, we lean towards more speed and risk, but with the definite goal to win in the end.

Can impact investing become a fast, high-intensity team sport with many disciplines in the game? Hope to see you there, and bring your favourite sports gear if you see us on the schedule!

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