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September 12, 2023

Councyl Joins GovTech NL Hub to Revolutionise Public Sector Decision-Making




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Svitlana Khrystenko

Innovation Programme Manager & Service Designer


In a significant development for the GovTech NL Innovation Hub, we are delighted to introduce its newest partner, Councyl led by a founder Nicolaas Heyning. Councyl is a cutting-edge startup with a mission to transform public services and streamline decision-making processes. Councyl's innovative approach is set to bring unprecedented efficiency, fairness, transparency, and agility to the public sector.

A Mission to Revolutionise Decision-Making

Councyl's mission is clear: to empower public services in executing tasks and adhering to laws while ensuring fairness, speed, transparency, and agility. They tackle a significant challenge faced by many public sector teams - the trade-off between efficiency and quality, especially in cases where decisions need to be made repeatedly.

What sets Councyl apart is their groundbreaking AI technology, developed as a spin-off from the esteemed TU Delft. Unlike traditional AI systems that rely on historical data, Councyl's approach is novel and doesn't require such data, making it fully transparent and ideally suited for the public sector.

Joining the GovTech NL Hub

Councyl's decision to become a part of the GovTech NL Hub reflects their commitment to leveraging their unique capabilities for the benefit of public services. When asked about why they decided to join the hub, they stated, "Because we don't need historical data and we are fully transparent, we are the perfect decision management approach suitable for the public sector, and we want to share this through the hub."

Expectations from the Partnership

Councyl has clear expectations from this partnership. They aim to establish valuable contacts within the public sector, enabling them to understand the specific needs and challenges faced by governmental organisations. Additionally, partnering with the GovTech NL Hub will enhance their credibility as a trusted supplier of innovative solutions.

Contributions to the Hub Community

Councyl brings a wealth of expertise and technology to the GovTech NL Hub community. Their contribution includes:

  1. Low Barrier, Safe, and Transparent Technology: Councyl offers a groundbreaking technology that digitises human decision expertise in a way that is accessible, secure, and transparent. This will significantly reduce the barriers to implementing advanced decision management solutions within the public sector.
  2. AI Expertise: With a deep understanding of artificial intelligence, Councyl is well-positioned to share their AI expertise with fellow members of the GovTech NL Hub, fostering a culture of knowledge-sharing and innovation.
  3. Understanding of Decision Processes: Councyl's experience in addressing the complex challenges related to decision processes in the public sector makes them a valuable asset to the community. Their insights into problem-solving and solution implementation are poised to benefit the entire hub.

In conclusion, Councyl's partnership with the GovTech NL Hub marks a significant step forward in the pursuit of more efficient, transparent, and fair decision-making processes within the public sector. As they bring their unique blend of innovation and expertise to the hub, we can expect exciting developments that will benefit not only their organisation but also the broader community of public services. Together, they are poised to make a positive impact on the future of government technology in the Netherlands.

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