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October 7, 2022

Connecting with fellow change makers at Frankfurt's Impact Festival




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Gerrit Jan van 't Veen

Managing Director of WorldStartup Collective

I spent the largest part of the past two days at ImpactFestival2022 in Frankfurt. Good startups, interesting presentation, pleasant atmosphere. And it’s always super fun to unexpectedly walk into one of the founders we have been supporting. Go Neville Mchina and his team at Invisible Foods!

Three conversations at the (well-designed) booths stood out for me (apart from Neville of course :)

Natalia Realpe Carrillo from Hedera is running a successful venture to help microfinancing institutions with their in-the-field impact data collection. Essential for the continued support and development of micro-financing.

Richard Ulrich from Elinor makes banking for cooperatives super easy and accessible. This is relevant for anyone who believes in the power of cooperatives as well as a great example of a bank with the guts to experiment.

And Nils Bachmann from Proservation. A young team working in their university lab on more sustainable packaging solutions with organic waste.

But there were many more inspiring people building excellent companies. To name a few - Gabriele Riedmann de Trinidad Moritz Johannes Mey Julian Lotz Tero Salomaa Sonja Radovic-Paul Stefan Ulfert Enzo Cenci Alexandre Bloch Fateme Sarlaksafaei Sven König Daniela Bessen - Die Herzwerkerin

A thank you goes out to all particiapnts for the inspiring two days, and to Linda Köpper and your team for organizing the event!

Next up for WorldStartup… GovTechSummit with the CivTech Alliance and Impactfest in Impact City The Hague.

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