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April 2, 2021

WorldStartup Lab: Behind the scenes of Hackathon for Good

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This year we are looking forward to the 4th edition of the Hackathon for Good.

WorldStartup Lab first participated in the 3rd edition by introducing a new challenge owner programme and multiple team support streams. Our goal was to involve the challenge owners more throughout the process and bridge a couple of moments for first efforts at co-creation with the teams. Hackathons are gaining increasing popularity, however, it is important how many of the solutions have a promising and sustainable future. In most cases that depends greatly on ownership. The more involved the challenge owners are, the more excited the team members become. Respectively, the better the solutions are for all of us.

What does “For Good” mean?

The aim of the Hackathon for Good is to prototype data-driven solutions for societal problems. For Good means that the solutions we aim for are beneficial for society. The work after the hackathon could lead to commercial products and services, but the results of the hackathon are preferably open source and actively shared.

Behind the challenge owner role

The challenge owner programme starts way before the hackathon. In order to have valuable solutions at the end of the hack, each challenge owner needs a good challenge question. In our experience we have found out that many organisations have a burning desire to solve big complex problems and to do better, but struggle with formulating a very straight-forward actionable question - a piece of information that contains the core factors which should be taken into account when tackling that specific problem.

Our team of experts and facilitators structured an easy to follow process that guides challenge owners through the steps of building a base for this necessary problem-solution fit. The challenge owner program consists of a challenge definition sprint and multiple expert intakes which assist the organizations in tackling communication and data set acquisition milestones. At the culmination of the hackathon, challenge owners get a special role in both the opening and the pitching event. We support their vision and encouragement for the teams by providing an analytical summary of all solutions and results, accompanied by advice from our diverse network for potential follow up opportunities. After the hackathon every challenge owner will receive a summary of all solutions made by the teams with advice on a possible followup with the teams.

The Hackathon for Good connects nonprofits, governments, startups, corporates, and talent from around the world to develop resilient solutions for a more peaceful, just and secure world.

Enhance your hackathon and entrepreneurial skills

Hackathons are a perfect place for trying out new ideas and for meeting diverse professionals. Many participants join for the experience and for practical ways of exploring design thinking and entrepreneurship. Can you take the most out of it while also building the coolest solution in 48 hours?

We have had participants with very different backgrounds - students, professionals, startups, etc. The experienced hackers know their process flow and often their team members from before. But if you are looking for a fresh team approach, new team buddies or to enrich your design thinking abilities, our hackathon setup has multiple team support streams.

You can join a 4 week team pre-programme at any point in time before the 48 hour hack period. This programme will equip you with tips and tricks on how to “Analyse” efficiently, “Ideate” even in a strict time-frame, “Conceptualise” the key aspects of your solution and “Convince” the jury that you can build that positive impact. Taking the extra time beforehand allows for the creative juices to start flowing in sync with your teammates.

The methods and materials available bring together knowledge and examples from partners of Hackathon for Good and of WorldStartup Collective. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a peek into our business design process!

For more good in the future

Stay tuned to learn more about all challenges coming to this 4th edition, in The Hague, by following Hackathon for Good's website and instagram. We are looking forward to setting stones in circular economies for biodiversity, reducing food waste, empowering tailored professional education, building back trust in media and society, and many more matters that you want to take part in.

And for more about the future of the Hackathon for Good

WorldStartup Lab, with the support of the whole collective, is slowly but surely taking steps towards more co-creation on an international scale. The Hackathon for Good means even more to us, than all the great things it entails, because it builds up on our goals for establishing a replicable program that can assist the surfacing of sustainable solutions tackling real current problems all around the world.

We are putting our efforts into creating a manual that can allow more hackathon organizers to join us in this mission in the near future.

Additionally, we are planning on teasing you with a sneak peek test run of our WorldStartup platform. A place for all participants and stakeholders to come together. Keep your eyes open and be one of the first users to test it out!

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