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October 6, 2021

New Onboarded Startups




Our purpose-driven community never stops growing. Both Altitude and Next Valley have onboarded new members with innovative and impactful ideas, who are ready to grow under the guidance of WorldStartup!

VampUp provides qualitative location services and insights with an improved accessibility. Begad, Ahmed and Mohammed were triggered by the exclusivity and expensiveness of the services in this industry, thus for the same quality they want to offer an affordable, easy-to-use set of products. For those who have questions such as where to open a new store or business, what the local trends are or how to best adapt to the needs of the customers, VampUp’s intelligence platform will provide you with the best answers

EcoBubble, a startup based in Italy, is aiming to redesign natural spaces in order to reduce their associated pollutants and emissions. EcoBubble’s team consists of experts in ​​engineering, physics, architecture, computer science, geology and urban botany. Through their research they have gathered the tools to develop these green areas in a sustainable way, while also bringing in innovation by using the latest technologies.

Nevertheless, Agriyaan is ready to solve the damages to farmlands and orchards created by wild animals and birds. They have designed their own machine with ultrasounds useful for warding off harmful agents.

Last but not least, Sense Health is focusing on improving the wellbeing of employees in various workplaces. By assessing, reporting, preventing and treating, the Sense Health team will positively impact the mental health of the people involved in the workfield. They are currently developing a dashboard with two ends, one for the employer and one for the employee, useful for preventing situations of getting burned out and losing engagement with your work.

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While Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos focus on concurring the space creating one giant leap for pollution, we focus on impact-driven entrepreneurs on the Earth.

Moving on to Next Valley, Vaultree is a team of motivated specialists, ready to take care of your data by using advanced analytics and encrypting methods. At the same time, SpectX is joining Next Valley with an aerial scanning system that endeavours to detect internal structural defects in real-time through AI approaches.

Make sure to keep an eye out for their progress and achievements!

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