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January 4, 2021

Hackathon for Good 2020 & The Hague Legal Tech Alliance

#Hackathon for Good


#The Hague Legal Tech Alliance

The Hague is known as the international city of peace & justice. During the third edition of Hackathon For Good, The Hague Legal Tech Alliance played a crucial role with a challenge in the field of innovation in the law.

Saskia Bruines, Bart Jan van Ettekoven & Sandra van Heukelom-Verhage share their valuable insights about the role of Hackathon For Good as part of the Hague’s innovative ecosystem & digitalization in the law. What were the motives behind this hackathon and different challenges? Read the full Medium article here.

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"Connect AI and Data to the world of Humanitarian Development and Aid."

The challenges we face today are increasingly complex and interlinked, requiring a collaborative and data driven approach to resolving them. The Hackathon for Good connects non-profits, governments, start-ups, corporates, and talent from around the world to develop resilient solutions for a more peaceful, just and secure world. Driven by the diverse Hague-based ecosystems, through a 3-month programme, we take on the challenge to develop human-centered, (cyber)secure and innovative solutions to real world problems.

Become a partner of the Hackathon for Good 2021

Do you want to know more about a partnership for the next edition of the Hackathon for Good in 2021?

Please contact Frank van Summeren, partnership manager of the Hackathon for Good or go to the Hackathon for Good website.

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