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December 14, 2020

Finch Floating Homes



#Future cities

This is Finch Floating Homes. As a recap and result of their session ‘Floating homes how to deal with severe floods’ on the CoCreate Future Cities platform, we’ve held an interview with the founder of the global impact startup. Next to our medium articles and the Startup Tuesdays that we organize we’ve started and experimented with our podcast channel. Please check the first one out.

We think Finch Floating Homes is interesting to follow due to the impact that they are creating and the living conditions they optimize. In the overpopulated deltas of the Philippines, people live in areas that experience daily flooding. The demand for safe and affordable housing is immense, yet available dry land is scarce. Their floating home will enable Philippine families to live in an affordable, safe and comfortable home.

You can follow them here and go to their website here.

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'What is it like to have wet feet twice a day?'

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