What we can facilitate for you online

We all have to come up with new solutions for the world after Covid. Our experts in the field of innovation can help you spot and devevelop opportunities for solutions to today's and tomorrow's challenges.


Define your challenge

We help you understand the problem and the users/customers in depth to define the challenges you are solving for.
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Brainstorm ideas

We generate novel ideas in a structured yet refreshing way and select the ideas that will innovate your business.
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Prototype a solution

We translate ideas into business cases and tangible products or services that can be tested in an early stage of development.
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Prototype trial with stakeholders

We help define test objectives and suitable test stimuli to set up and do a trial run with relevant stakeholders.
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Map the scope of your project

Toghether we build a roadmap (co-creation team, timeline, milestones & success factors) and an activity board to kickstart your project.
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Scaling your solution with stakeholders

We help you connect your challenge or solution to external partners (like startups) so you can scale and grow your impact.
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Build your creative muscle

We explore and play with simple and practical tools and behaviours that will help you grow your creative confidence as a professional.
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Unleash your entrepreneurial potential

We help you signal and dare to take opportunities for entrepreneurship as an employee at your organization. We take you on an interactive tour around the skills and behaviors of intrapreneurship.
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Teambuilding sessions

Intervision, interaction and reflecting on your work are key to joyfull work, especially when you doint see colleagues as much as you normally do. Together with Jonge Honden we offer a digital teambuilding session with an entrepreneurial touch.
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