We are dedicated to help the best impact-driven startups and scale-ups.

We invest in meaningful new business for the common good, with respect for all humans and planetary boundaries, supporting entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to build future-proof businesses.


Everything starts with an idea.

WorldStartup supports startups throughout their entire journey from idea to scaleup. We organise public and invitation-only labs to assist future founders with the first steps of their journey. In our labs you can refine your idea, meet strategic partners, find your co-founders and build your prototypes.


Tailored support programmes for ambitious startups.

We offer market-ready startups tailored support with training, mentoring, experts and networking. In a 3 year programme we help you successfully present your solution in your market. You can apply and start anytime. Fill out our application form to learn whether you fit this or other WorldStartup support programmes.

Startup Support Programme

Market Readiness Training


Hands-on assistance for startups with predictable revenue and/or substantial investments

Whether it's improving your sales, diversifying your product portfolio, raising series A rounds or expanding into new markets, startups keep running into new challenges once they have celebrated their first successes.

Frank & the Backs


We believe entrepreneurship is a crucial element for positive change. Our main focus areas for new business opportunities are energy, food, health and cities.

Transition area


Towards an energy system with renewable resources and a fair market.

Transition area


Feeding the city, with sustainable agriculture and transparent, fair supply chains.

Transition area


Healthy living, through data-driven solutions and human-centred design.

Transition area


Plan, design, build and manage sustainable, resilient and inclusive cities.

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Help developing a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive world through impact-driven entrepreneurship.

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