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01 March 2021

Yara Good Housekeeping Challenge

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You arrive at the large factory site of Yara in Sluiskil. 620 people perform all kinds of different activities throughout the day and night, which sometimes results in much rubbish on the site that can even cause unsafe situations. A safe environment is a neat environment. That is what Yara wants to see on the extensive site, which is almost the size of a small Zeeland village with just as many inhabitants and a variety of guests, contractors, students and hired staff entering the gate every day. However, it is no longer lying around waste, but also neatly stored materials, no overfull containers or spilled raw materials. Just like the habit of reporting minor incidents, such as a collision damage against a road sign and the breaking of barrier chains. There is already attention for this, but it is not yet happening enough.

The challenge

The challenge is tough. A change of mentality and behavior is needed among many hundreds of stakeholders at all levels of the organization and beyond. About 400 of the more than 600 Yara employees and 150 to 200 contractors and suppliers are present at the Yara site every day. All Yara employees are never present at the same time, because about half of the staff work in three shifts that makes them always take over work from each other. During a ‘turnaround’, the number of extra people at the site can sometimes reach up to 1,200 per day. Moreover, it is a mixture of all kinds of disciplines, educational levels, nationalities, languages and cultures.

Yara has already deployed a number of tools to achieve improvement such as biannual collective Good Housekeeping rounds and a monitoring and reporting process. Yet all efforts have not led to the desired result.

Yara's goal is to have the tidiest factory site in Zeeland within one year and to keep it that way. Because they want to create a tidy, safe and sustainable working environment. This benefits every employee, contractor, supplier and guest on-site and improves the image of Yara as a company and employer. Yara is convinced that this goal cannot be achieved by imposing stricter rules and enforcing them. They are particularly curious about possible ways to create, stimulate and increase ownership in an inviting way among all involved. The aim is that everyone involved wants to contribute to a neat and safe environment on their own initiative.

What are we looking for?

This challenge is really something for you if you are an expert in sustainable mentality and behavioural change, gamification and redesign of storage and garbage sheds. Whatever your solution is, if it helps achieve the goal of this challenge, Yara is interested.

We are looking for:

We are not looking for:

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  • March 1st: application deadline
  • March 11th: up to 10 candidates selected
  • March 18th: start challenge week - 3 sessions by Dockwize
  • April 15th: hand in draft plan
  • April 22nd: final assessment, up to 3 project plans signed
  • April 29th: closing event, winners announced

What is in it for you?

There are many reasons why participating in this challenge is interesting for you. Below we list the most important.

  • You get access to Yara's expert specialists. Think of the engineers, the R&D department and HESQ specialists. Use it to your advantage!
  • Yara is happy to make their network available to you. You may be able to use their best practices.
  • The opportunity to test and optimize your solution, within the constraints due to the corona measures, on the Yara site.
  • Achieving the goal and rapid implementation is worth a lot to Yara, so they are happy to make resources and budget available for it. Yara provides funding for development and implementation, technical support, and can make a team available for implementation.
  • Yara is just the beginning of a potentially long line of companies looking to make such an improvement. If you do it right here, you may find doors open to you on other sites in similar industries.
  • Yara will actively communicate positive results through its communication channels. That means free publicity for you.
  • Yara is just the beginning of a potentially long line of companies looking to make such an improvement. If you do it right here, there may be doors open to you on other sites in similar industries as well.
  • Do you have potential interested parties in the future? Then you can demonstrate your solution to them on site at Yara.

About co-creation partner - YARA SLUISKIL

Yara Sluiskil, which has been in operation since 1929, is a production site of the Norwegian company Yara International. The company produces specialty fertilizers, products that contribute to environmental improvement, industrial chemicals such as AdBlue and NOxCare®, as well as producing CO2 for the soft drink industry, beer breweries and dry ice to keep vaccines cold, for example. The production site in Sluiskil is Yara's largest production site and also the largest fertilizer factory in northwestern Europe. Millions of tons of products are made every year and hard work is being done on new technologies to make the products with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Safety is always top priority. Yara's factories are among the most efficient and reliable in the world. They want to keep it that way and improve it where possible.

Sustainability is also a high priority at Yara. The factory has achieved a reduction of the CO2 footprint of 60% in 10 years, while production increased by more than 1.5 million tons.


There are no costs involved to participate in this opportunity. Furthermore, Yara has allocated resources and budget to jointly invest in the further development and implementation of your solution.

How to apply?

You can apply via F6S or if you want to check whether your solution fits the opportunity, you can send your pitch deck to

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