July 5 2021


The centuries-old partnership between the Netherlands and Japan is being revived. Under the title 'Rangaku' or 'Dutch Learning', TeamNL is organizing the Tokyo Expo which will take place in July 2021 during the postponed Olympic and Paralympic Games.

In the Olympic idea, sport is at the service of social development. In the same way this Tokyo Expo will be at the service of social urban innovation with specific focus on NEXUS (food, energy & water), High tech, Vitality and Arts & Culture.

WorldStartup is looking forward to hosting multiple sessions during the Tokyo Expo and facilitating different learning and co-creation opportunities which can help both Dutch and Japanese startups and corporations to exchange knowledge on an international level.

The topic of Social Urban Innovation

Since the city is a place where people jointly live, play and work, many innovations are social at their core. They change the way we relate to each other. How we share. How we care for each other. Or how we collaborate for shared experiences.

Of course, technology is often a driver for a broad adoption, but at the heart it’s the change in human relationships that is essential for quality of life in the city.

The frequency with which we share a room in our house with a stranger. The experience of cooking for people in your neighbourhood. The way to respond to emergencies as a collective and the preparations for such events. These are just a couple of examples.

We are looking for the most promising social urban innovations in The Netherlands and Japan. To learn more about the potential for international adoption and to explore potential collaborations.

Are you running a Social Urban Innovation venture with the ambition to expand internationally?

Or are you a corporation facing complex social urban challenges and looking for a new approach?

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Tokyo Expo from the 19th to 21st of July

WorldStartup will facilitate 2 sessions for learning exchange between startups and corporations and a workshop for shared value opportunities.

We often say that co-creation is the future. However it has always been a core part of innovation - bringing new contexts and different approaches into a new way to tackle challenges.

Respecting the “Rangaku” traditions, we are honoured to bring together the experiences and ingenuity of startups and corporations from Japan and The Netherlands, to see how we can create a more sustainable and more socially responsible urban environment.

The sessions will be hosted online and will have a duration of 1.5 hours.

  1. “NL Startup Relay” - Dutch startups meet Japanese corporations on the 19th of July at 9:00 (CEST)/ 16:00 (JST) REGISTER HERE
  2. “JP Startup Relay” - Japanese startups meet Dutch corporations on the 20th of July at 9:00 (CEST)/ 16:00 (JST) REGISTER HERE

Next to the sessions for international learnings exchange, all corporation representatives will have the chance to come together and explore overlapping challenges or possibilities to link up and foster joint innovation efforts.

  1. “Horizons Workshop on Social Urban Innovation” on the 21st of July at 9:00 (CEST)/ 16:00 (JST) REGISTER HERE

During this workshop, our co-creation experts will help you identify new ways to connect or align goals and resources in order to support the next steps in Social Urban Innovation internationally.

What is in it for you as a startup?

Learn about the latest trends and opportunities in a foreign business ecosystem in order to improve and expand your solution, while at the same time present your fresh ideas and experiences to a group of impact-driven peers and corporations working in the same field of urban innovations.

What is in it for you as a corporation?

Corporations are known for having extensive vision plans and processes, always eager to optimize and to deliver optimal results in their chosen directions of development. These sessions give you the opportunity to bring your needs and challenges to the table and get instant hands-on ideas from proactive ventures. Providing your deep understanding of the problem and the trends or forces at hand, can help you find a new creative way to reach your goals and social responsibilities faster or in a more efficient manner.


Registration Form for Dutch startups for the session on 19 July 2021 HERE.

Registration Form for Japanese startups for the session on 20 July 2021 HERE.

Registration Form for corporations from The Netherlands and from Japan for the sessions on 19, 20, and 21 July 2021 HERE.

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“Like the torch that is carried on from one person to another, our tradition and history have been passed on to the next generation over hundreds of years. I hope people will feel the bond between people and the historical value on the day of the Torch Relay.” - HATANAKA Atsushi, Head of Imagery Technology at NHK and manager of Torch Relay filming operations

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