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Our main drive is to accelerate the growth of ventures who focus on future solutions with a positive impact. Increased innovation in sectors aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals is key to economic growth. These goals are already reshaping global markets and capital flows, bringing impact businesses to the spotlight and making them stand out in the competition.

We invite startups who are working on pieces of this puzzle to step forward and join our ecosystem to increase the chance of running a successful business with a real impact for a better world.

Focus areas

Selection criteria:

  • We pursue an ongoing selection process.
  • If you meet our selection criteria, we reach out to you with the next steps within two weeks after the moment of your application.
  • If you don't qualify yet, but you are a team of purpose-driven founders, we put you on our exclusive mailing list where we share information about upcoming opportunities and valuable insights on how to improve your story, business model, and pitch deck.

What is in for you?

  • minimum of 12 months of mentorship
  • regular check-in with your support lead
  • intensive market readiness and investor readiness training programs (organized multiple times throughout the year)
  • access to New Business Summit, our annual flagship event
  • access to other (partner) events
  • legal & business support
  • startup visa (for international founders
  • office space in The Hague
  • support you with capital investment and arrange a senior executive in your team if we are successful together


varies based on your current stage of development:

  • ideation stage: 18 months programme against 8-15% of equity in the newly established or already existing Dutch entity.
  • validation stage: 12 months programme against 2-3% of equity in the newly established or already existing Dutch entity.
  • growth stage: tailor-made deal with established KPIs

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We mobilize the entrepreneurial spirit of startups, corporates, research institutions, governments and investors to build the next generation of impact-driven businesses. WorldStartup helps starters and scale-ups to meet global challenges by providing tailor-made support, access to capital and access to our ever-growing network.

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Opportunities Lead
Sergey Gridin
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