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Digital Soft Landing Programme

Digital Soft Landing Programme - Focus: Indian AgFood Tech

As part of the ongoing Indo-Dutch collaboration in the Agriculture Sector, up to 12 AgFood Tech startups from India will have the possibility to take part in the Digital Soft Landing Programme this autumn. The intensive two-month online training will prepare the impact-oriented startups for their expansion to the European market through The Hague's ecosystem in the Netherlands. This program aims to help Indian AgFood Tech startups validate their European value proposition through training and stakeholder introduction sessions with the local AgFood ecosystem in the Netherlands.

Why should you participate?

We help you explore the Dutch startup ecosystem and provide you with market information on your sector. Once completed, you will enter the second step of the programme, where you will be given market preparation training on developing your value proposition for the European market. The next step consists of validating your developed value proposition with experts from the local ecosystem to refine this further and find the right market fit. Lastly, once you have a clear idea of how to enter the European market, our team will help you prepare a tailored roadmap for European expansion.

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Programme structure: 

Explore: Digital Fact Finding sessions to explore and learn about the AgFoodTech ecosystem

Adjust: Market readiness training to refine your value proposition tailored to the European market

Connect: Match Making with local players in the ecosystem to validate your European value proposition 

Integrate: develop a tailored European expansion plan 

Your business matches at least one of the following themes: 

  • Controlled-environment agriculture (including greenhouse technology, indoor agriculture, irrigation technology, climate systems, etc.) 
  • Precision Agriculture (including IoT, data technology sensors, robotics, etc.) 
  • Post-harvest loss reduction (including rapid non-invasive quality assessment of farm produce) 
  • AgBioTech innovations (biofertilizer, biopesticide, bio fungicide, bio-stimulant, bio-nematicide, etc. excludes Hybrid seed production)     
  • Alternative proteins (including fermentation technology, aquatic protein and cellular agriculture) 

You fit the below criteria:

  • You are an AgFoodTech startup or Scaleup from India 
  • You solve a social or environmentally pressing problem and contribute to at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 
  • You have an impact-driven team with relevant experience (2 or more members)
  • Your solution overlaps with the innovation themes in the Westland/The Hague area
  • You have a competitive solution in a substantial market with a scalable model or technology 
  • You already have a clear reason for expansion to Europe, whether in raising capital, R&D or business development 
  • You are beyond the proof of concept stage
  • You must have received funding for EU expansion or has sufficient resources for EU expansion. 

Our partners

The Digital Softlanding Programme is executed by a coalition of public and private organizations, namely The Hague Business Agency; The Royal Dutch Embassy of the Netherlands; InnovationQuarter; ImpactCity; WorldStartup; Municipality of Westland; ThinkAg. Together this coalition brings the right experience for Indian AgfoodTech startups to explore expansion to the Netherlands and get embedded in the local AgFoodTech Ecosystem.

Sign up for the Digital Soft Landing Programme today!

Startups and scaleups that match the themes and criteria can apply latest by 23:59 CEST/ on the 4th of September 2022 / 3:29 AM IST on the 5th of September 2022.

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"The Hague is a throbbing city with millions of possibilities. There are passionate funding organizations that can back social and for-profit ventures." Avinash Kulkarni, CSO at Kaizen Secure Voiz (India)

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