July 29 2021

Social Urban Innovations

We love vibrant cities. Where cultures merge and ventures flourish. At WorldStartup we are constantly exploring the ideas and concepts of new ventures aiming to increase the quality of life in cities worldwide. With deep respect for “Smart”, we like to focus a bit more on the social innovations of these ventures.

Since the city is a place where people jointly live, play and work many innovations are social at their core. They change the way we relate to each other. How we share. How we care for each other. Or how we collaborate for shared experiences.

TeamNL invited us to organise a series of events during the Rankagu Now Tokyo Expo during the Olympic and Paralympic Games on social urban innovation with Japanese and Dutch startups.

This second meetup is all about examples, trends, potential and next steps. This meetup is open for innovators, experts, startups, corporate transition leaders and many others with the ambition to grasp the opportunities of social innovations in our cities.

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9:00 Welcome and short introduction on Social Urban Innovation

9:20 Innovatie with Startups, a “how to”

9:40 Co-creation

9:50 Concerns & Opportunities

10:10 Community interests

10:55 Next initiatives

Join this meetup on the 29th of July or subscribe to the community here. We are aiming for a long term joint program on social urban innovation and this is part of the first steps. Take part and stay tuned.

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