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October 9 2020

The fast lane into Europe for Asian companies


Business has become global. There are lots of opportunities for Asia based companies in Europe. The Netherlands have proven to be a great gateway to the European market. To help Asian companies land in Europe, Tiger Accelerator (Taiwan) and WorldStartup (The Netherlands) offer the Jumper20 programme.


Jumper20  is your Fast lane into Europe.

In an 8-week agile development programme, you will:

validate your business for the European market

design the best entry strategy

Prepare for execution

get connected to partners and investors

The programme is fully online, taking away the necessity to travel great distances.

During this 8 week online programme you will prepare your entry to the European market. Guided by the Jumper team and seasoned business coaches, you will validate your business for the European market, design the best entry strategy, prepare for execution and get connected to partners and investors.

The programme consists of 6 intense sprints, including a Demo Day and a conclusive co-creation session with your newfound European partners. During the whole process you will be coached by experienced entrepreneurs.

The first sprint is about Prospecting: exploring the opportunities that fit your offering

The Strategising sprint helps you determine the right strategic route to market entry: co-innovation, market access or soft landing. The third sprint, Funding, is about the road map and how to organise and finance your market entry. In the next sprint (Preparing) preps you for the Matchmaking sprint, which includes Demo Day, where you will present your business to possible partners and investors.The co-creation sprint, that concludes the programme, will be used to follow up the matches and set the roadmap and terms for further collaboration.


The Jumper programme is aimed at ambitious entrepreneurs with a global mindset that already established their business in Asia and now set their eyes on the European market. You have an innovative digital service/product, e.g in cyber security, internet of things, artificial intelligence or  smart city solutions. And above all: you are determined to generate a substantial sustainable impact with your venture.


• October 9 deadline for applications

• October 13 selection interviews

• October 16 meet your coach (1st of weekly sessions)

• October 19 -23 sprint #1, Prospecting

• October 26 - 30 sprint #2, Strategising

• November 2 - 6 sprint #3, Funding

• November 9 - 13 sprint #4, Preparing

• November 16 - 20 sprint #5, Matchmaking

• November 18 Demo Day

• November 23 -27 sprint #6, Co-creating

What’s in it for you?

With this programme, you will be able to take some big steps towards your international ambitions. In a short period of time you will determine your strategy and set the roadmap for entering the European market. In the process you will get connected to potential partners and investors.

Your investment for this programme is € 1.990.

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