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Impact Capital Tour





Join us for a collaboration between WorldStartup, Capital Tour, and ImpactCity, setting the stage for an exciting kick-off event just one day before the main event.

Building on the success of our collaboration with ImpactCity in The Hague last year, we've decided to rekindle the magic with another impact-driven version of the Capital Tour. Our focus remains steadfast: cultivating meaningful, thoughtfully curated connections in relaxed, informal settings.

What to Expect:

🌟 Immerse yourself in the world of capital in just one afternoon.
🌟 Gain insights into the minds of investors and discover what they're seeking.
🌟 Enjoy the opportunity to casually connect with the most relevant investors in your field.

Who Is This Event For?

For this edition, we're selecting more than 15 of the most promising Dutch and international startups already or planning to operate in the Netherlands, and engaged in the following themes:

🌿 Biodiversity
🌍 Nature-based solutions
🌾 Food & Agriculture

Whether you're actively seeking investment or simply exploring opportunities and warming up to potential investors for future funding rounds, you're eligible to participate. This means you have a full-time team, a well-defined product-market fit, a clear competitive edge, and proven traction, which could be substantial revenue, paid pilot programs, or previous investment rounds. You'll have the chance to meet up to 10 investors specifically focused on these areas, ensuring tailored matchmaking to meet your needs.

What can you expect?

Join us for an event that's sure to elevate your business prospects! Meet investors, ecosystem partners, and founders and get a chance to book 1-on-1 meetings with investors - all in one afternoon.

Riding the Wave of Change:

Most startup matchmaking events follow a familiar script - a lacklustre overview of business prospects, irrelevant introductions, and a stressful atmosphere that doesn't foster meaningful connections. Here's how we're doing things differently:

🚫 We encourage founders to leave their laptops at home and concentrate on building connections with investors.
🔍 We empower investors to look beyond financial models and equations.
🏝️ We offer founders the opportunity to choose the settings for their informal meetings.
🎯 We curate matches and create high-quality profiles, allowing both investors and founders to achieve several months' worth of work in just one afternoon.

Get the impression from last year's edition

Programme Highlights

Networking and Curated Matchmaking for impact founders and investors

Date: 6th November, 2023

Venue: Bleyenberg in the city centre of The Hague

14:00 to 14:30 - Walk-in

14:30 to 15:05 - Welcome Session: Join us as the organizers kick off the event with a warm welcome, inspiring talks, and a briefing on the rules. Learn how to make the most of this matchmaking event.

15:05 to 17:00 - Matchmaking: We dive into the action with a unique speed dating session. You'll have the chance to engage in 3-minute conversations with all the participating investors. Find the investors who align with your business goals and add them to your "Impact Capital Passport." Then, gear up for three rounds of 20-minute one-on-one meetings with the investors that matter most to you.

17:00 Onwards - Networking Drinks: The excitement continues as we welcome special guests, including ImpactCity, the Hague&Partners, and other ecosystem representatives. Unwind and expand your network over refreshing drinks & snacks.

Meet the Investors

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About ImpactFest:

ImpactFest is rallying startups, scale-ups, investors, knowledge institutes, corporates, policymakers, and enthusiastic individuals from around the world to come together and harness the immense potential of collaboration. Previous editions have forged numerous successful and meaningful connections, and this year promises to be no different.

Got Questions or Interested in Joining as an Investor?

Reach out to Jasmann Chhatwal, at - join us for an exceptional matchmaking experience!



Last day to register!


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