June 13 2021

Event Commute Experience Hackathon at the 5G Smart Railway Lab

Experiment with 5G on a colourful railway commute between events in Barcelona by joining the 5G Smart Railway hackathon

5G will become an inevitable part of the future. Therefore, debunking some of the myths around it and allowing people to experience its performance first hand in a controlled manner is a great opportunity. The 5G Smart Railway Lab will be situated in the part of Barcelona concentrated with popular event venues. A selected area around key train stations will be transformed into a complete user-train-commute-experience of a new generation. In order to generate ideas and co-create the best train journey, Mobile World Capital, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya and WorldStartup Lab invite you to join forces in a business design hackathon.

The goal of the 5G Smart Railway Hackathon is to provide awareness about the specifications, advantages and limitations of the new technology as well as to improve and bring a new life to a well established transportation system such as the railway. It aims to promote more sustainable public means of transportation while accommodating it to the current changing safety and comfort standards.

Our collaboration strives to be part of programmes working towards impact in areas of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We, at WorldStartup Lab and our partners, believe in the power of co-creation between governments, organizations, businesses and the public to accelerate innovation and transition to a more sustainable future. Our practice at WorldStartup Lab is to provide opportunities and insights through workshops and guidance to create viable business products and services, within a supportive problem-solution-fit ecosystem.

What better way to keep the train transportation up to date?

5G is both useful and fun. Additionally, we hope that the ideas from the hackathon can add an extra layer of perception of the quirky city of Barcelona and all its hidden gems and events.

The  hackathon will give access to an online playground area for teams to envision and try out different ways of incorporating the 5G technology in facilitating and managing train commuting to events. Teams will be facilitated throughout the ideation process by following the WorldStartup Lab hackathon program. In order to get the winner’s prize, they will be encouraged to come up with a viable business case concept. More about the solution criteria will be shared with registered participants.

Why does the future of 5G technology and railway transportation matter?

However, controversial at first sight, the 5G technology offers a new safer and faster exchange of data. It can drastically contribute to time- and resource-savings for both railway transportation users and management. Depending on the solution direction, we see possibilities for real time information on the best travel options. Other possible directions of the challenge can build upon a more trustworthy stream of information on the tech influences or build upon bigger exposure to local cultural and educational events (SDG 4). Last but not least important, is the movement towards facilitation of the usage of more sustainable group means of transportation by public transport (GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure) which can in return offer additional support to local businesses and artists alongside selected travel routes.

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Who should participate?

Anyone with a curiosity for innovation, transportation, 5G technology and user experience is welcome to join. Good teams represent a variety of skills and experiences: business development, UX design, marketing, engineering, etc.

If you sign up as an individual, we will help you join or set up a team. If you are registering as a team, a team leader should input information about all of the members as well as agree together on a cool name.

Startups are also encouraged to join and register as a team. Entering this fast lane for startups can open more follow up opportunities for your business.

What is in it for you?

A fun opportunity to meet new professionals or to work together with your dream team on an innovative 5G railway idea. Learn more about 5G and practice with proven design thinking techniques that boost your success for innovation. But, of course, you will also get to compete in a pitch event for the hackathon money prize:

2000 euro.

The best idea will have the chance to be supported by Mobile World Capital, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya and WorldStartup in becoming reality.

What would be the programme?

5G Smart railway offers you a 48h hackathon weekend and a support preparation program.

The hackathon support programme contains 4 weeks of business design exercises and inspiration materials provided to you by WorldStartup Lab, using an online collaboration platform - Miro. It will start on the 31st of May and each week will take you one step further the business design process.

This programme will equip you with tips and tricks on how to “Analyse” efficiently, “Ideate” even in a strict time-frame, “Conceptualize” the key aspects of your solution and “Convince” the jury that you can build a positive impact. Taking the extra time beforehand allows for the creative juices to start flowing in sync with your teammates. The support program is optional but highly recommended to make you the winning team as well as to enrich your professional skills.

The core of the hackathon will be a 48h programme over the last weekend of June. Starting with an opening event on the 25th of June at 16:00 and celebrating the winners of the pitches on Sunday afternoon.

What about the challenge?

During the program, participants will form multidisciplinary teams and tackle the challenge shared by Mobile World Capital & FGC (Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya):

“How can we help the visitors to experience a more pleasant and inspiring customer train journey from Plaza España to Europa Fira by creating a 5G continuous interaction utilizing both public and private devices inside and outside of stations and trains on the way to the venue when they are searching for information on updates on the agenda of events or for educative tourist information about the city instead of relying on their own research proactivity?”

More information about the programme and the challenge coming soon on 5G Barcelona. To get more insights into the challenge owners and how we, as WorldStartup, foster international co-created innovation, follow our channels and keep in touch.

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"We believe in the power of co-creation between governments, organizations, businesses and the public to accelerate innovation and transition to a more sustainable future."

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