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There are thousands of places worldwide that strive to move into an innovative future with a clean environment. Rivne is one such region, because it has chosen to strive for sustainable development and healthy living conditions for its residents. Growing Green Cities Lab is one of the many projects supporting this movement. This project is implemented jointly by SYNCHRO SPACE, WorldStartup, and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine and aims to develop and implement two pilot solutions for the development of cycling infrastructure and water management in the city of Rivne, Ukraine.

The program

Growing Green Cities Lab consists of several key activities. After a selection process, selected startups will be invited for matchmaking sessions with city representatives and experts in July. They will get to know the problem better and will be able to ask questions for clarification. In August, each startup will get Dutch and Ukrainian mentors to support them in their journey. In September, all the participants will be invited to participate in Culture & communication and Industry & matchmaking sprints. All the sprints will be facilitated on the online co-creation space. The participants will not only learn but also have a chance to create partnerships with international companies. After the concepts are finalized, they will be exhibited in the city exhibition in Rivne with the possibility to pilot them with the support of the municipality.

Problem 1 - Water management in Rivne region

The region of Rivne is located in western Ukraine and is home to many different natural and artificial water resources. As of now, the water resources are largely abandoned and not taken care of. The situation with reservoirs in the city of Rivne has several problems. There is an unfortunately large amount of trash disposal that adversely affects what little resources remain. Additionally, there is no sewerage of households, sewage treatment plants at enterprises and control over them in the city, a significant part of the city's residents do not have centralised sewerage. In addition, the problem is that wastewater flows into reservoirs and is not properly treated, Lake BasivKut has stagnant water, and the flow of the Ustye River is weak.


1. How can we help people living near water resources with garbage collection and sewage disposal by creating conditions for air purification and bathing through the development of infrastructure that will contribute to the improvement of environmental safety in order to change the current situation with water pollution?

2. How can we help residents and tourists of the region of Rivne to know how to use the local water resources and shores correctly through the development of infrastructure and navigation for recreation so that residents do not have to travel to other regions?

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Do you want to take part in creating sustainable solutions in one of the fastest-growing cities of Ukraine? We have two challenges related to Water management and Development of cycling infrastructure as a part of creating a greener future for the city of Rivne. Apply now!

Problem 2 - Development of cycling infrastructure in Rivne

Today the city of Rivne has all the conditions to improve their cycling infrastructure. There is a Green Trail that lays throughout the city and the region. It consists of various roads and paths. There are even parts that already have infrastructure for cycling. However, this infrastructure is not connected. People love cycling in the city and they do it today next to cars. The car traffic is high in the city and it is dangerous for cyclists to cycle there. Many times people prefer public transport or cars to bicycles because it is safer. The city of Rivne wants to change that. However, they lack ideas on how to build it. With Dutch experience and Ukrainian engineers, they plan to achieve a goal of proper cycling infrastructure in the near future.


1. How can we help active city dwellers, those who want to live a healthy lifestyle to cycle along the Green Trail in the city and the region by providing them with a convenient infrastructure and advice on which they can make a decision in favour of cycling instead of other types of transportation?

2. How can we help active city dwellers who want to ride a bike to safely get to a place of recreation, work, etc. and not spend a lot of time on an inconvenient road by providing solutions that will help users to make a choice in favour of bicycles instead of cars?


All Dutch startups are welcome to apply.

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Only with collaboration between cities and citizens can we make a real change.

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