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October 15 2020

Bringing consumer-focused hardware from prototype to mass market


Thousands of good product ideas have never been realized because production and sales are difficult.

WorldStartup and GOOD STUFF Ventures cooperate with inventors and startups in the field of consumer-focused hardware with the focus on household and lifestyle, ensuring a successful journey from prototype to mass market. Besides cost-efficient processes, we emphasize responsible supply chain and a sustainable product life cycle.

Selection Criteria

Co-creation Partner

GOOD STUFF Ventures is a Berlin-based venture studio that supports consumer-focused hardware inventors and startups ensuring a successful journey from prototype to mass market.

GOOD STUFF Ventures is powered by HOYER Handel, an established system supplier who has sold products in more than 30 countries in Europe and North-America. In addition to seamless production and import management, HOYER Handel is an expert in getting products ready for the mass market. Furthermore, GOOD STUFF Ventures is backed by hy - the Axel Springer consulting group. They provide GSv with the strategic tools for a successful journey from idea to market. MotionLab Berlin, one of the largest maker spaces and communities in Europe, is another partner in building and prototyping.


  • 15 Oct: application deadline / you receive feedback from us within one week  

after application

  • 20 Oct: selection interviews
  • Q4 2020: signing a long-term cooperation agreement with 3-5 selected startups

What’s in it for you?

Services against revenue sharing to maximize your chances of success and minimize the financial burden.

The services offering includes:

  • IP protection: pre-check legal situation, feasibility and cost assessment
  • development: prototype refinement and design for manufacturing
  • certification: quality assurance and coordination of certificates such as CE, GS, etc.
  • production: manufacturer & supplier network, production coordination, sourcing, supply chain management
  • import: logistics, customer clearance, fulfilment
  • sales: D2C sales and mass market sales via retailer
  • after-sales: CRM, customer service, return & repair management
  • finances: opportunity to raise investment from GOOD STUFF Ventures

Instead of burdening startups with service fees, GOOD STUFF Ventures creates long-term partnerships and participates in the success with you. We will set up a service contract, including a transparent revenue split. Best of all, you’ll keep full ownership of your company and IP.

In case you are an inventor and interested in GOOD STUFF Ventures driving your product forward, GSv will make a fair offer on how to license or buy the IP, making sure that once the product has gone to the market, revenue is shared with you, so that you can keep innovating.

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GOOD STUFF is an ecosystem-based product realizer. With our strong network of production and business partners, we bring your product to life.

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