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Fund your venture with the help of WorldStartup Capital experts

From the experience of being investors ourselves and working with investors for our portfolio companies, we know finding suitable strategic investments and curating meaningful connections is a specialist job. We’ve learned through successes and failures, and know the expectations from investors, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Over the past few decades, we have been building lasting relations with several investors from around the world who are open to investing in starting and growing companies based in Europe. They take recommendations coming from us seriously. We can be your partners on this journey, leaving you more time to focus on the business side of your venture.

Criteria to meet

There are some basics we’d like the teams we work with to meet:

  • You focus on one or more of UN SDGs and know how to measure your Impact
  • You have a strong and dedicated management team
  • Your venture has a proven business model and paying clients
  • You are looking to raise between 100k and 2.5 Million Euros
  • You have a realistic valuation in mind
  • Your legal entity (HQ or subsidiary) is based in Europe

Support package

We want our portfolio of companies and ventures in our network to take comfort in the fact that there is a team working around the clock to have your back with Fundraising support

  • Advising on an approach
  • Finalizing outreach documents
  • Reaching out to investors on your behalf to set up meetings
  • Support you in preparing for these meetings and
  • Guide you in the process of closing deals.






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