Frank & the Backs


Frank & The Backs supports scale-ups with seasoned entrepreneurs and C-level executives. Together we overcome all critical hurdles to successfully execute a sustainable growth strategy. We start with a thorough understanding of your challenges and select the best possible business executives/specialists for you. Together with you the executive develops a plan with clear KPI's. Then the Back starts to work with your team on reaching the agreed upon goals.


42% of the Scale-ups are suffering from slow sales, and 29% have cash problems. This is partly caused by lacking the right experience within the team.

What is in for you?

With hands-on experience, Frank and the Backs helps scale-ups to solve these problems. We provide you with a seasoned businessperson (a Back) with over 20 years of relevant experience, with a C-level background.


Our network consists of 400 Backs with general management experience and specific skills in for example; business development, legal, finance and logistics using their extensive network ranging from B2B, B2C to government relations.

Focus areas

• Smart City

• Mobility

• Circular economy

• Health

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Selection criteria for scale-ups

• Strategic business plan.

• Strong operational team.

• Proof of Concept.

• Scalable business model with a clear impact.

Our way of working

1. Analysis/plan. We analyze your company for max. 2 months. This will be done by the selected Back, free of cost.

2. Set KPIs. KPIs will be agreed upon and included in the agreement.

3. Implementation The agreed plan will be implemented and executed in an agreed period of 6-24 months.

Business Deal

After the analysis phase, Frank & the Backs will be remunerated partly in a small monthly cash fee and partly in a success fee (equity and/or cash) at the end of the contract period.

To Apply

Send an email with your business case and a pitch deck to, we will set-up a video call with you within a week. For more information about Frank & the Backs go to their website here.

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"Do you have problematic hurdles that hinders your company's sustainable growth?" Imagine: A high-level executive business consultant, dedicated to you.

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