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Innovation hubs

Complex issues require joint efforts

At WorldStartup we believe an inclusive and regenerative global economy is the way forward for a sustainable future. The first step in creating an inclusive and regenerative economy is finding the right partners.

What we offer

Complex issues require joint efforts. That is why we work with a multitude of partners on tangible solutions to create shared value.

Our innovation hubs

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Together We Make Innovation Fly

Sustainable Aviation

Rotterdam The Hague Innovation Airport (RHIA) is a runway for innovation. It is a hotspot where entrepreneurs, researchers and students bring innovation and sustainability to life. Together, we create a cleaner, quieter and more sustainable future for the aviation industry. It is made possible in part by the European Fund for Regional Development and Kansen voor West II.

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Centre for Civic Innovation

GovTech NL

Technology is key to keeping pace with the growing need for a strong and trustworthy relationship between the government and the public. The GovTech NL programme accelerates the development of new products, systems and concepts for bright and positive cooperation in the public domain.

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Innovative agri-food and horticulture

Green Growth Coalition

The Green Growth Coalition introduces new innovative solutions for challenges in agri-food and horticulture, including climate adaptation, CO2 emissions and sequestration, nitrogen, multiple uses of space, biodiversity, smart farming, robotisation and digitisation, agri-logistics, sustainable water and energy consumption.

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"Milena is an awesome facilitator. We're having a very fun & productive workshop."

WorldStartup carried out a design sprint with Miro, the number one online visual collaboration platform

Cocreation opportunities

Be the change you want to see in the world

WorldStartup offers a variety of support and innovation programmes for ambitious impact-driven changemakers. Check out our upcoming activities here.

Hackathon for Good - The Hague




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Urban Sensing Lab





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Changemaker Platfrom

Join the platform

We've created a platform to empower and connect changemakers with the resources, tools, and community needed to drive meaningful social impact.


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