World Startup Factory became WorldStartup

We strongly believe in co-creation and it’s a pleasure to work with great like-minded professionals. In the past months we’ve worked with Since Today on our renewed identity and brand. Our mission remains the same: new business for the common good!

Today, we are proud to release an updated identity. We believe the new look matches with our values and what we’ve become since 2015: a global entrepreneurship platform supporting impact-driven startups and intrapreneurs from idea to scaleup. With WorldStartup Collective we unite the expertise of Outside Inc., Frank & The Backs, Dutch Coast and World Startup Factory. We invest in meaningful new business for the common good, with respect for our human rights and planetary boundaries, supporting teams of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to build future-proof businesses.

"Introducing the new WorldStartup."

What does this mean practically?

1. We have a dynamic new website for our collective:

2. Our social media platform names have changed to reflect WorldStartup

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3. In the near future you'll receive emails and community updates from our team with an email extension of

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More Announcements →

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