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Worldstartup Stories is a series of exclusive interviews with impact driven startups. In this series, as a recap and result of #CoCreateFutureCities, we will introduce you to founders, who work with great passion in shaping our solutions to our global development challenges. 

“Here at uHoo, we believe in using modern technology to make people’s lives better and healthier. And that is done primarily by monitoring the quality of the air we breathe. Better air is a better life, after all”

uHoo is an indoor air sensor that tracks the air you breathe and provides you with data, insights and tips to create a healthier, safer and more energy efficient office, home and building. We think uHoo is interesting to follow due to the impact that they are creating and the overall health and well-being they maximize. You can follow them here ( go to their website for more information here (

Your First Step to Clean Air


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