Transition Tuesday

Transition Tuesday is the place for all those interested in the startup world to exchange ideas, get involved in startup programmes and be inspired. It consists of several meetups, labs and Startup Tuesday The Hague followed by networking and drinks. It’s a biweekly event every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month, here at The Hague Tech. Our first edition launched on the 21st of January.

Transition Tuesday is a realization of our belief to have one central startup ecosystem in The Hague. It’s the place for all those interested in the startup world to exchange ideas, get involved in startup programmes and be inspired.

Next edition on the 3rd of March

A great opportunity to get connected to the local and global startup ecosystem. Also, we offer a freely accessible programme full of meetups and workshops to gain knowledge and get inspired – all in English. Feel free to drop by anytime on any Tuesday.

See our upcoming programme, 3rd of March, below and keep track of our socials and website.

Note: These are the confirmed events so far. Changes to the programme may occur.

Startup Coffee

16.00-17.00 Meetup: Startup Coffee

Startup Coffee is the perfect occasion for passionate entrepreneurs to meet other impact-driven innovators and approach our startup selection team to get feedback on what you are working on, meet our community and weight the opportunities to join the ecosystem of WorldStartup!

This edition we will have a cosy campfire setting where we will have: intervenes, feedback and learning between entrepreneurs. This meetup is a pre-event to Startup Tuesday - an event to inspire and connect.


Startup Tuesday The Hague

17.00-18.00 Meetup: Startup Tuesday The Hague

Startup Tuesday is a weekly event to inspire and connect like minded entrepreneurs.

This series of events unites the three most pro-active workspaces in our city, together with leading facilitators of entrepreneurship. The aim is to strengthen connections and support impact-driven entrepreneurship in The Hague. It’s the ideal occasion to network, learn from experienced founders, and explore solutions to shared challenges.

This edition hosts Hable, Eindhoven-based startup which enables visually-impaired and blind people to use their smartphone in a faster, more intuitive and private way. Co-Founder Freek van Welsenis will share his road of an award-winning student entrepreneur.


Energy Lab

16.00-18.00 Lab: Get Together

This Get together meetup aims to bring together people interested in the topic of Energy Transition and to introduce our upcoming Energy Lab. The Launch of the programme will be on the 17th of March with an exclusive presentation by our partners in Africa and a Problem First workshop. Don't miss the opportunity to win a spot on stage at Enusual Festival 2020 and gain momentum for your project!

The winners of the Energy Lab will be included in the event programme and will have access to the community and the support of our partner Enpuls


AI in Healthcare Lab

16.00-18.00 Lab: AI in Healthcare Lab #2 - Ideation Brainstorm

In the past years AI has been increasingly used for detecting and diagnosing diseases. The evolution of computing power has enabled technologies like Deep Learning, a subset of AI, to reach human-level performance on work related to interpretation of medical images and discovery of drug compounds. The AI in Healthcare Lab is a series of meetups which will help teams in developing new applications benefiting from AI and Machine Learning with health data.







Do you want to contribute to Transition Tuesday as a volunteer, host a Lab or in any other way?!  Please contact merel@worldstartup.co.

Transition Tuesday is an initiative of WorldStartup and facilitated by The Hague Tech.


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