Resilience,Right Now

Turning the world right-side up once again

In the last weeks, the world has been turned upside-down.

As institutions and societal norms are challenged during the viral pandemic and by the chain of events that will arise because of it, we have the chance to change the ways communities interact, stay healthy, distribute goods, insure stable economies, and even how we work, learn, and play.

When crisis brings elements of our societies, activities, and institutions into question, we can modify them, together, by creating new, more resilient systems, routines, behaviors, and technologies.

Our society is blessed with an abundance of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. We can use the best of this to maintain and create a sustainable and resilient future. If we take action together, we can do what is needed.

We can adapt!

Update 26-03-2020

Proud to announce the launch of the new ResilientSociety platform site: together with Dell Technologies, SPIE, T-Mobile, The 4 Dutch Universities of Technology including TU Delft, Den Haag (ImpactCity), Rotterdam (UP!Rotterdam), Province of South Holland, Cumulus Park and many more parties.

ResilientSociety is a bottom-up initiative. We unite governments, universities, startups, scale-ups, creatives, sme's and corporates. They jointly work on solutions for response, recovery and future growth. Within days we start with the first multi-stakeholder teams to develop concrete solutions, while connecting to an international community to learn and share our insights.

Solving the chain reaction of this pandemic

The hundreds of scientists working on vaccines aren’t the only global teams who can improve the world. We need teams to tackle all the problems being laid bare by the current chain reaction of this crisis.

We aim to unite the unique capabilities and resources of businesses, governments, universities, startups, scale-ups, investors and many others, to co-create the most needed solutions for today's challenges, and foster resilience in our communities.

We are a bottom-up collective of citizens, businesses, governments, NGO’s and universities. We unite impact-driven leaders to join co-creation missions, applying innovation for resilience in an unprecedented way, since these are unprecedented times.

Focusing on what matters most in our communities

In the upcoming weeks, months and perhaps even years we will have to face a great number of challenges during and in the aftermath of the viral pandemic. Our resilience is being tested. Health systems, transportation, logistics, mobility services, food security, governmental services are jeopardized. We face millions of challenges, today, tomorrow and many months from now.

“Our society is blessed with an abundance of creativity and entrepreneurial spirit.”

Taking action starting now

We have to act. And we can. Together we can create a thriving community of professionals creating concrete solutions. By providing an open innovation platform, we offer a coordinated structure for a wide variety of programmes, projects, challenges, competitions and hacks.

We ask you 

Starting today. Starting here.


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More Announcements →

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