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In November, Mobile World Capital Barcelona (MWCapital), has signed a cooperation with WorldStartup in the area of 5G and digital tech based co-creation of innovative solutions for social impact.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona
MWCapital is an initiative driving the mobile and digital transformation of society while helping to improve people’s lives globally. With the support of the public and private sector throughout Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain, MWCapital focuses on four (4) areas: innovation, connecting the entrepreneur community; technology, boosting the change through it; the talent; promoting the digital competitiveness; and the society, thinking about the social impact of the technology.

Digital Future Society (DFS) is a global programme of Mobile World Capital Barcelona that seeks to build an inclusive, equitable and sustainable future in the digital era. To this end, DFS engages technology and social science experts to explore, experiment and exchange knowledge in four key areas: public innovation, digital trust and security, Inclusion and citizen empowerment and equitable growth.


The cooperation is following the following axes of collaboration:
• Identify priority use cases to promote, jointly and with other companies, new 5G pilots between both countries, in the field of Health, Mobility, Sports or Entertainment, Agri, Industry and Energy and implementing - thanks to 5G - new Virtual Reality experiences and Augmented, new concepts such as the Digital Twin in the optimization of processes.
• Participate in the development of 5G solutions through international public-private collaboration in the 5G technology dissemination workshops and actions that MWCapital carries out in those areas of knowledge that are of mutual interest.

The cooperation is a result of the work of the new associate partner of WorldStartup TECH, Mark Beermann. Mark is actively involved in the Netherlands programme of  Mobile World Congress and has worked towards this cooperation closely together with Gerrit-Jan and Rene ter Haar.

The cooperation is a good example of the ambition of WorldStartup to start international public private corporations to co-create innovative solutions for social impact.


In the Spring of 2020 MWCapital and WorldStartup TECH worked together on a Horizon 2020 call for proposals, which we unfortunately did not win. The cooperation was highly appreciated on both sides to explore further cooperation leading now to the new agreement.

Current initiatives

At this moment we are working on several initiatives:

More initiatives are on the way.


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More Announcements →

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