Market Readiness Training October 2020

As a global entrepreneurship platform WorldStartup accelerates the transition to sustainable and equitable societies by enabling purpose-driven innovators to create successful ventures. With a global collective of startup support organisations we offer innovators the training, tools, resources and networks to create long-lasting and impactful ventures. With this in mind, we created the WorldStartup Academy in order to provide startup founders with the skills they need to succeed.

"WorldStartup invests in the social impact of their startups by making them market-ready." -Townchat

Update 12-10-2020

Last week we've completed the first week of our 3-week intensive Market readiness training. Six startup teams from India,Pakistan, Iran, Australia, and the Netherlands started the training through plenary discussions, peer-to-peer learning, and self-work led by our top trainers.

The founders started the week by filling in all the elements of their story. During the week they have looked into their own core values, what the problem is they want to solve with their startup, and what the needs of their customers are. They did this to redefine their solutions and value proposition.


Update 19-10-2020

Last week the founders have polished their customer journey, discovered various market opportunities, and adapted their storyline that was drafted on day one according to the insights from the workshops of Simon Evenblij and Hub JongenEcodew, for example, adapted its sales section and made it more specific at the 'sales and marketing' workshop on Tuesday. During the workshop 'customer journey', Resilient Island learned to describe its personas better and more specific.While Koffiechase prioritised its goals and built a concrete roadmap as a major takeaway from "the needs" and "execution plan" workshop.
This week is all about communication with the outside world, led by Jonathan Talbott. He will work with the startup's to create one pagers and talk to real customers to take the communication of the startup's to the next level. At the end of the training they will pitch their companies in front of a group of mentors and show what they have learned in the last three weeks.


Update 26-10-2020

It's a wrap! Our six hardworking startup founders finished our 3-week Market Readiness Training led by four amazing trainers, Simon Evenblij, Jonathan Talbott, Marjan de Jong, and Hub Jongen.

In the last week of the training, the founders focused on communication with real customers, worked on their one-pagers and worked on their presentations for the final pitch, led by Jonathan. During the workshop 'One Pager' Sustanix, worked on how to address the market and how to achieve this in their 3-minute pitch. The workshop "Pitch Deck' focused on their personal pitch where Yellowbox went deeper with problem first approach instead of keeping it shallow, while TownChat learned how to keep it to a few charts and not make it too complicated for the audience to follow the story. As a closing of the 3-week programme every founder pitched their company in front of our trainers, mentors, and WorldStartup team members!

You can find a concise summary of startups' solutions including contact details in the picture below.

If you're an impact-driven tech startup that can benefit from the training, or maybe you know someone in your close network, check out more information for the next Market Readiness Training here.


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