Hack4Resilience Indonesia Prize Winner

Last Sunday, Founders Talent Indonesia, Hack4Resilience local partner held an award ceremony. Once intended to be a little event for Indonesia Hack4Resilience 1.0 winner team Atmos FC-19 with all other Indonesia participants Ba-Coat, Indismart and Terik Sore. The event quickly developed into a mini-pitching when Founders Talent partners heard of the upcoming celebration.

The SME (Small Medium Enterprise) working group of the West Java economic recovery task force represent by Jodi Janitra as (Chief) and Helma (Secretary) ask Founders Talent to join the award ceremony with mini-pitching by all the participant to the members of the task force consists of government, academic and business practitioner. This working group objective is to find actionable solutions for West Java economic recovery from SME perspectives.

All the Hack4Resilience (H4R) team participants gather together in a spacious meeting room with masker on and social distancing while doing tele-pitching using Zoom with all the task force members. We also invite Gerrit Jan Van from WorldStartup as H4R global partner representative to share some insight on European economic initiatives regarding COVID-19 recovery plan.

The ATMOS FC-19 presented a solution to mitigate supply-demand imbalance in agri-food systems in close connection with weather data. WAKTU TANI is a dashboard system via the web that helps governments and farmers in terms of crop distribution and availability. The government can know the distribution of deficits and surplus each region, while farmers can know the crop calendar for their suggested right time to start plants.

"To build Big Data applications for the COVID-19 Observatory which will deliver actionable intelligence for data-driven governance."

The event was a great success with 4 of 5 Indonesia participants presenting their prototype as the potential solution for economic recovery, the task force members concluded that they want to adopt and test Atmos FC-19 prototype in a small scale area and agreed to support the process.

The event closing is Atmos FC-19 prize handover and signing MoU between Founders Talent and west Java economic recovery task force in the sense of collaboration to facilitate young innovators regarding COVID 19 economic recovery initiatives.

concluded the Hack4Resilience 1.0, a co-creation sprint meant to build Big Data applications for the COVID-19 Observatory which will deliver actionable intelligence for data-driven governance. The solutions put forth in the Observatory will help public officials deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic and better prepare for a resilient society.


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