Full year of meaningful innovation at FMO

We just reached a full year of meaningful innovation at FMO. Together we unleashed the innovative powers within the organization, shifting mindsets and ways of working while working on real new business value for the organization and its clients. It has been a remarkable journey! Together with the internal Leapfrog team we started structuring the entrepreneurial powers in the organization to create momentum and accelerate execution and adoption of innovations.

We established a standardized approach for innovation by using our 5S innovation model, improved cross-departmental collaborations and above all created the opportunity for intrapreneurs to contribute to the future success of FMO development bank. We have seen the FMO organization, the intrapreneurs but also ourselves as sidekick grown a lot.

It has been a remarkable journey!

Above all we would like to congratulate the two winning teams (impact measurement & client onboarding) who finished their pilots in time. Their validation, shown proof of concept and real new products/tools will have a lasting impact on the future of FMO. Without your hard work we wouldn't have been successful. Let's keep on accelerating innovation together!


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