Xylexa takes on early breast cancer detection

Every year, October is marked by walks, pink sports jerseys, ribbons and what-not as the world observes the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But beyond the heart-wrenching stats and a bare minimum of organisational initiatives, little changes. There’s hardly anything on how the disease is being fought against, not just by the survivors and victims, but the medical community at large.

Xylexa, Islamabad-based developed an artificial intelligence-powered, cloud-based tool to help in early cancer detection of cancer from mammograms. Instead of a radiologist studying the X-ray with the naked eye and then giving his/her diagnostics, their algorithm claims to identify malignancy more accurately.

“I always had an interest in the use of artificial intelligence in medicine and after exiting my previous venture, I decided to work on a solution that could aid detection of breast cancer, which has a very high incidence in Pakistan,” Shahrukh Babar, Founder Xylexa

Their partnering up with organisations such as the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences and Islamabad Diagnostic Centre in different capacities to train their model better. The aim is to roll out the solution by the end of this year.

Unlike the usual subscription licensing model in the industry, Xylexa intends to put in place a pay-per-study pricing plan so the solution isn’t limited by the size of the institute using it.

Globally, the number of mammograms done run into hundreds of millions while in Pakistan, the figure only hovers around between 100,000 and 125,000. “There are two types of mammography: diagnostic and screening. The former is performed only in case of symptoms while the latter is part of the mandatory annual medical test after a certain age and is mostly limited to the developed world,” Read more.

Xylexa offers advanced diagnostics as the decision support system for radiologists and 2nd opinion for patients across the globe. Proud to support them in entering the European market.


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