Dutch Mentor Community is going strong

The Dutch Mentor Community unites seasoned entrepreneurs and managers that are eager to share their knowledge, experience and network with startup founders. In addition to that, the mentors also value the opportunity to meet other mentors and learn from each other’s mentoring experience.

The Dutch Mentor Community is the first open mentor community in The Netherlands, run by the mentors themselves, helping each other to be the best mentors and enhancing mentorship within the Dutch startup ecosystem.

To a startup founder, having a good mentor is an important element for success. Mentors can offer reflection, can address their extensive network for the benefit of the startups and can help them to take strategic and tactical decisions.

It’s official: the Dutch Mentor Community is a legal entity of it’s own. It became an independent foundation (stichting) and is now officially run by the mentors themselves. Mentors Marjan de Jong and Jaap van der Zwan and WorldStartup’s Hub Jongen are members of the board.

The community has over 60 members, all seasoned entrepreneurs and managers that have a passion for impact entrepreneurship. Mentors are sharing their expertise, experience and network with entrepreneurs, all pro bono.

While the community started as the mentor pool of WorldStartup, the mentors are now working with entrepreneurs, and even with aspiring entrepreneurs, within a variety of programmes. Recently, no less than 10 mentors were supporting teams in the Futurepreneurs programme, a pre-acceleration programme for students and young professionals that have an interest in starting an impact startup. The community also provided mentors to the Hackathon for Good.

If you are interested in joining the community as a mentor or if you want to involve mentors in your startup support- or innovation programmes, please contact Sergey Gridin.


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More Announcements →

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